UNA released an update on March 20th which outlines how remote/online learning will continue for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. We would like to refer you to the official update located HERE for details regarding the academic and event schedule.  Further, for information across the entire Student Affairs Division, please refer to the official page HERE for the most up-to-date information essential services that are still being provided. 

The University of North Alabama will continue all instruction via remote/online environment for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. With respect to Center for Disease Control, Alabama Department of Public Health, and the National Institutes of Health, it seems imperative to support social distancing efforts in a clear manner to protect the health of our campus and local community. And as such, some University Operations, including those within the Office of Title IX must be amended.  This correspondence outlines the changes in our operations.  Please know that your experience at UNA is of the utmost importance to us and this decision was not made lightly.

If you have any questions, please email The Office of Title IX or call 256-765-4223.  

During the alternative operation plan set out by UNA during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of Title IX is still here working for you. If you need to report an incident, please click here.

During this time of remote instructions, University policies still apply. For questions about the University's Title IX Policies and Procedures, review those documents here

If you would like to speak with someone about an incident, a pending or completed Title IX Investigation, resources available to you, or anything else related to Title IX, please call 256-765-4223 Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:30pm or email the Title IX Administrator at

For information about the Office of Title IX's alternatative operations during this time, please use the above tabs. 

Reports about an incident of possible gender- or sex-based discrimination should still be reported during this time. These reports can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using our Online Public Incident Reporting Form. If you need to report an incident, please click here. You may also make a report in writing by emailing or the Title IX Administrator at  

During regular business hours, you may still make a report to the Title IX Administrator or any Deputy Title IX Coordinator. To reach the Office of Title IX, please call 256-765-4223. 

The Title IX Administrator is Kayleigh Baker.
The Deputy Title IX Coordinators are:

  • Carrie Bowen, Director of Student Conduct
  • Catherine White, Vice President for Human Relations 
  • Debbie Williams, Athletics Business Manager/Senior Woman Administrator

Regardless of business hours, if there is an emergency situation contact 9-1-1 or your local police department. If you are on-campus, that is the University Police Department. UPD's phone number is 256-765-4357. 

Please remember, that filing a report does not automatically commit you to an investigation but does connect you with valuable information and resources that can help you make a decision.

During this time, if you are a Complainant who has reported an incident of sex- or gender-based discrimination or if you are involved in a Title IX Investigation as a Respondent or Complainant -- you are still eligible for resources. 

Please contact the Title IX Administrator, Kayleigh Baker, at 256-765-4223 or for assistance with safety planning, academic accommodations related to a Title IX case, referrals to other departments, or information generally about common University resources. 

During this time, the Office of Title IX is still completing any pending Title IX Investigations and will strive to complete any Investigations based off of new reports. Given the alternative operating plan, there are some changes to those investigations. For the most up-to-date information regarding the status of your particular case, please contact your assigned investigators or the Title IX Administrator, Kayleigh Baker, at 256-765-4223 or

  • All interviews with parties will now be conducted remotely using technology such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This will be the practice for all parties involved in the Investigation. 
  • Should a party remain on-campus and want to meet on campus with the Title IX Administrator for information about the Equity Resolution Process or the Sexual Misconduct Policy, those can be arranged by contacting Kayleigh Baker at or 256-765-4223. All other parties have access to the same type of meeting remotely or via phone. 
  • All interviews with witnesses will now be conducted remotely using the aforementioned technology, or if unavailable, phone. 
  • All review of evidence, including the Pre-Finding Report, shall be done remotely. 
  • All efforts will continue to conclude an investigation as promptly as fairness and effectiveness allow -- however, it is possible that short delays will be present given the switch to remote meetings. 
  • The University's current alternative operation plan is not, in the eyes of the Office of Title IX, a reason for delaying an investigation -- however, should a party be additionally impacted by COVID-19 (such as hospitalization, care or loss of a loved one) then contact the Title IX Administrator, Kayleigh Baker, to inquire about a delay due to those hardships. Additionally, absent any hardships, any party is free to request a delay due to the alternative operating arrangements and should both parties make such a request, the Title IX Administrator will consider granting such a delay for a limited time. 
  • If access to technology is an obstacle, contact the Title IX Administrator, Kayleigh Baker, at 256-765-4223 so that the Office of Title IX can make alternative arrangements or assist you with accessing the technology necessary to conduct the Investigation. 
Information coming soon.

You may visit Health Services for additional information on symptoms and obtaining medical assistance. You may also call 256-765-5000 between 8am-8pm to inquire about the precautions UNA is taking and/or if you are experiencing symptoms.

  • EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:  Health Services will operate on an APPOINTMENT ONLY schedule.  Health Services will continue to service ALL students, faculty and staff staying on campus or off campus at this time.  ALL appointments will now be handled via a phone call or a ZOOM video appointment.  ANYONE needing an appointment for ANY reason, will need to call 256-765-5000.
  • MEDICATIONS:  Health Services will deliver all prescription medications to the residence halls and campus apartments for any clinic appointments via phone and/or ZOOM.  If you need a refill on any medication, please call 256-765-5000.  If you currently take daily prescription medications, those medication refills can be transferred to Massey Drugs and they will deliver the medications to Health Services and we will deliver to the residence halls or apartments twice a day.  To inquire about this service, please call 256-765-4328. 
  • COVID-19:  If you think you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been near or around someone that has tested positive for COVID-19, please call 256-765-5000 for further instructions and where you can go to be tested.
  • STAY HOME:  We strongly recommend that everyone stays home, takes all necessary precautions listed above and does not risk any unnecessary exposure to COVID-19.
  • Please visit HERE for more information on Student Counseling Services.
  • At this time Student Counseling Services will not be scheduling ongoing individual, in office appointments.
  • Counselors are still on campus and will be seeing students in the office for emergent needs during regular campus office hours (M-F 8:00am-4:30pm).  Call 256-765-5215 to schedule an appointment after an initial phone assessment.
  • For non-emergent issues counselors will remain available to serve students and are providing consultation by phone during regular business hours.
  • Group therapy and workshop sessions are cancelled until further notice.
  • If you have a scheduled appointment you will be contacted by your counselor to discuss alternative service deliveries.
  • While off campus be sure to research your local mental health service agencies and reach out to them if needed.  Call our office for assistance with a referral if needed.
  • Student Counseling Services will be pushing out various self-help information and videos via social media platforms to address overall health and wellbeing.  Follow us @una_scs on Instagram and @unastudentcoun1 on Twitter!

  • If you are experiencing a mental health emergency after hours you can call our Community Crisis Line at 256-764-3431, the University Police Department by dialing 911, or go to the nearest emergency room for assistance.
Information coming soon.