Meet Our Staff

Kayleigh Baker

Kayleigh Baker

Title IX Coordinator and Compliance Administrator

Deputy Title IX Coordinators

Carrie Bowen, Director of Student Conduct

Catherine White, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources

Debbie Williams, Athletics Business Manager/Senior Woman Administrator

The Equity Resolution Process, as described in the Sexual Misconduct Policy, includes a pool of personnel appointed by the President for three year terms. 

Members of the ERP pool are trained in all aspects of the resolution process, and can serve in any of the following roles, at the direction of the Title IX Coordinator and Compliance Administrator or Deputy Coordinators:

  • To serve in a mediation or restorative justice role in conflict resolution
  • To investigate allegations
  • To act as process advisors to those involved in the Equity Resolution Process
  • To serve on due process hearing panels for allegations of tenured faculty members
  • To serve on appeal panels

ERP pool members receive annual training organized by the Title IX Administrator, including a review of UNA policies and procedures as well as applicable federal and state laws and regulations so that they are able to appropriately address allegations, provide accurate information to members of the community, protect safety and promote accountability. This training includes, but is not limited to: how to appropriately remedy, investigate, render findings and recommend appropriate sanctions; confidentiality and privacy; and applicable laws, regulations and federal regulatory guidance. All ERP members are required to attend this annual training to be eligible to serve. Additional training opportunities are also made available to the members of the ERP pool. 

The current members of the Equity Resolution Panel are as follows:

Dr. Doug Barrett Dr. Lisa Keys-Matthews
Brock Beck Savannah Liles
Jenn Berry Dr. Katie Owens-Murphy
Dr. Jeff Bibbee Dr. Ansley Quiros
LeeAnna Brown Mike Smith
Ashley Christman Stephanie Smith 

Jose Figueroa-Cifuentes

Todd Vardaman
Rebecca Green Christian Walker
John Gurley Nathan Willingham
Dr. Felecia Harris Dr. Rachel Winston
Dr. John Hodges Dr. Ping Zhao