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Kayleigh Baker

Kayleigh Baker

Title IX Coordinator and Compliance Administrator


As UNA's first full time Title IX coordinator, Kayleigh is responsible for coordinating the university’s efforts to prevent and respond to sexual assault in compliance with Title IX and other state and federal laws, including the Clery Act and the Violence Against Women Act. She oversees all programs and processes that may involve gender or sex equity issues including investigations, policy creation and implementation, and prevention programming. Kayleigh also regularly communicates, when necessary, with the University CARE team, Student Conduct, HR, UPD, local law enforcement, Lauderdale County District Attorney's Office, One Place of the Shoals, and other groups as needed. 


Kayleigh is available to students, faculty, employees, and the university community for questions about Title IX, reporting a Title IX related concern, and discussing Title IX reporting obligations.

Contact Kayleigh: 

The Formal Grievance Process relies on a pool of administrators (“the Pool”) to carry out the process. The pool can be made up of internal or external trained third-party neutral professionals.

Members of the Pool are trained annually, and can serve in in the following roles, at the direction of the Title IX Coordinator:

● To provide appropriate intake of and initial guidance pertaining to complaints
● To serve in a facilitation role in informal resolution or Alternate Resolution if appropriately trained in appropriate resolution modalities (e.g., mediation, restorative practices)
● To perform or assist with initial assessment
● To investigate complaints
● To serve as a hearing facilitator (process administrator, no decision-making role)
● To serve as a Decision-maker regarding the complaint
● To serve as an Appeal Decision-maker
● To provide supportive measures or remedies


The current members of the Grievance Pool are as follows:

Dr. Doug Barrett Dr. Lee Renfroe
Brock Beck Mike Smith
Dr. Jeff Bibbee Todd Vardaman
Carrie Bowen Christian Walker
Ashley Christman Nathan Willingham
Jose Figueroa-Cifuentes Dr. Rachel Winston

Dr. John Gurley

Catherine White
Dr. Ansley Quiros

Employees who are interested in serving in the Pool are encouraged to contact the Title IX
Coordinator. All interested parties, even those who have previously served in similar roles, are subject to an application process. This process is designed to ensure no member of the pool is biased toward or against Respondents or Complainants generally. A bias toward or against Respondents or Complainants generally can be grounds for removal from the Pool. 

If selected for any role other than an advisor, it is required pursuant to federal regulations that the employee receive extensive training. If an employee is interested in serving in a role as an advisor, the employee is still encouraged to contact the Title IX Coordinator in order to receive training on University policy and procedures.

Daryl Brown; Professor, English  256-765-4494
Chris James; Associate Professor, Instructional Leadership; Director, Educator Preparation, College of Education & Human Sciences 256-765-4852
Pamela Kingsbury; Senior Lecturer, English  256-765-4890
Stephanie Montgomery; Senior Lecturer, Communications 256-765-5094
Suzanna Taylor; Senior Lecturer, Criminal Justice 256-765-5742