Do you have questions about the laws and regulations related to Title IX? Are you considering making a Formal Complaint under Title IX? Have you just received a notice of allegations and investigation? Have you been asked to serve as someone's advisor in a Title IX hearing? If so, you've come to the right place. If you have not already, please review our Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures

Generally speaking, each case that falls under the jurisdiction of the Office of Title IX begins with a formal complaint. After receiving a formal complaint, the Title IX Coordinator sends out official notices to all involved parties and the investigation process begins. During the investigation, all parties get the opportunity to review and comment on the relevant evidence and information gathered by the investigators. After the investigation is concluded, a live-hearing occurs where it is determined whether or not a policy violation occurred. After the hearing, each party has certain opportunities to appeal. For more information about the process, please review this sample Title IX flowchart.

For information about your Rights, potential contact information you may need, and examples of supportive measures that can be offered, please review this document.

If you have not filed a Formal Complaint and are looking for information resources, please review the following: 

Sexual Assault Resources
Dating and Domestic Violence Resources

If you are ready to file a Formal Complaint, the Title IX Coordinator would like to meet with you. Contact the Office of Title IX at 256-765-4223 or in order to schedule a meeting. You may also fill out this form and someone from the Office of Title IX will contact you to set up a meeting.

If you would like to forego this meeting, you may email to request the form in order to file a Formal Complaint. Once complete, the Formal Complaint can be submitted in person to GUC 202, via email, or through mail. The Office of Title IX's mailing address is:

The Office of Title IX
The University of North Alabama
1 Harrison Plaza
Box 5023
Florence, AL 35632 

For information about your rights as a Respondent, potential contact information you may need, and examples of supportive measures that can be offered, please review this document.On occasion, the Office of Title IX issues No Contact Orders between our UNA students or employees. For more information on NCOs, please review our list of NCO FAQs.

For more information about the role of an advisor, please review this document.

For a current list of University-trained advisors, please click here

If you want to fill out a FERPA Consent to Release related to a Title IX matter, please download this form and return the completed version to the Office of Title IX or your Title IX Investigator.