Online Reporting

Individuals may report anonymously or formally online:

Public Incident Report Form

Formal Reporting

If a reporting party would like the University to investigate an incident, the reporting party may speak with:

Title IX Coordinator   256-765-4223
University Police   256-765-4357

UNA Reporting Policy

Confidentiality and Reporting of Offenses Under this Policy

Confidential Resources

If a reporting party would like the details of an incident to be kept confidential, the reporting party may speak with:

Student Counseling Services 256-765-5215
University Health Services 256-765-4328
Center for Women's Studies 256-765-4380 or 256-765-6198
Mitchell-West Center for Social Inclusion 256-765-5185
University Case Manager 256-765-4531
North Alabama Crisis Center 256-716-1000 (hotline)
One Place of the Shoals 256-284-7600 or 256-767-1100 (hotline)
Safe Place (domestic violence) 256-767-6210 or 1-800-550-9215
THRIVE Alabama 256-764-0492

One Place of the Shoals is a centralized, collaborative, community effort that provides victims of domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, child physical and sexual abuse, and elder abuse with necessary services under one roof. One Place of the Shoals provides legal assistance, medical exams, and counseling services. One Place of the Shoals is a confidential resource for individuals who may wish to seek legal action. One Place of the Shoals website | One Place of the Shoals Facebook page |

Who can report?
Anyone! All UNA students, faculty, staff, administration, and community members can utilize these resources.

Why should you report?
Reporting ensures that individuals have access to all of the available support services. This also helps UNA identify and address any trends or systemic problems. Reporting sexual misconduct keeps our students and campus community safe.

In the case of an emergency, CALL 911 for immediate assistance. Public Incident Report forms are not checked after business hours.