Conducting Online Appointments

Two Methods for Conducting Online Appointments 

Zoom Video Conferencing:

In order to conduct online appointments using Zoom Video Conferencing, students must have a speaker, microphone, and webcam to use during the online session. If students do not have access to any of these accessories, then students may use the synchronous, instant-messaging chat function in TutorTrac. However,  students must notify the writing center when scheduling online appointments within TutorTrac so that writing consultants know which platform to use (Zoom or TutorTrac).

To schedule online consultations, go to and log in using your UNA Portal username and password. After logging in to TutorTrac to schedule an online appointment, find the blue box that states "Search Availability." After choosing the "Center," the "Section," the "Reason" (Online Tutoring), and the "Location" (Online), then press the "Search" button. Next, select an online appointment time and day. When the pop-up window appears, locate the "Notes" section and write "online appointment in TutorTrac" or "online appointment using Zoom." In this same section, students may also write their topic(s) of discussion for the writing assignment.   

Directions for Conducting Online Appointments

Using Zoom:

1) On the day of the online appointment, students should check their UNA Portal email for a URL link to connect to the Zoom meeting, sent by the writing consultant (tutor). Students will then click on this link to open it, and begin the video conference

2)  Students should have their document visible on the computer or smartphone screen so that they can "share" their document with the writing consultant. 

3)  A writing consultant will log in to Zoom and the writing consultation will begin. 

***If students have any questions or concerns using Zoom, they may call 256-765-6015 or email 

Using TutorTrac:  (Watch this video: conduct online appointments through TutorTrac. )

1) Students must log in to TutroTrac using their UNA Portal username and password (the same for CANVAS and UNA email).

2) Students will find their appointment in the "Upcoming Appointments" area under the "Main Menu" page, under "Welcome!"  Students will then hover the cursor over the time and day of the appointment and click on the the time and day. Then, a new box will appear. 

3) Once the appointment box appears on the screen, students will click on "Open LiveDoc Session."

4) Students will be able to see a new screen titled, "Whiteboard Document Session."

5) To upload a paper to "Whiteboard," students will click on "Begin Editing" at the top of the page and copy and paste the document into the middle whiteboard section of the screen. 

6) Students will be able to use a chat room to discuss their paper, located in the white area of the bottom left-hand corner.