The Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) is located on the second floor of the Commons. We offer individual or group consultations.

  • Individual writing consultations may either be in-house or online. In-house consultations are scheduled for thirty-minute intervals. Online consultations are scheduled for one-hour intervals.
  • Group writing consultations are in-house and reserved for students who are working on one collective writing assignment.
  • Please note that online consultations are reserved for distance learning students only.

Writing consultants (tutors) assist students (undergraduates and graduates) with any written assignment, from any course, in any major. Writing consultants will even help with resumes, cover letters, graduate school application essays, and web-based writing.

The CWE writing consultants are highly trained and must complete the International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC) requirements, sponsored by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA),  before beginning tutoring sessions. This means that every writing consultant must have a certain number of observation and instructional hours before beginning tutorials. 

The CWE also offers WID/WAC (Writing in the Disciplines/Writing across the Curriculum) learning workshops every semester in order to assist students on campus with different styles and formats of writing expected for college writers. At the moment, these workshops are generally held on the second floor of the Commons building and include instruction in APA (American Psychological Association), CMS (Chicago Manual Style), and MLA (Modern Language Association) formats. There are also workshops offered to teach students how to write group papers (Group and Collaborative Writing), avoid plagiarism (Avoiding Plagiarism), prepare conference and research proposals, and other useful workshops as requested.

The CWE is always here to assist students (and faculty/staff) in any way that we can. We appreciate any and all suggestions so that we can continue to improve your writing center.