Graduate Advisory Council


The Graduate Advisory Council is a work group of the Graduate Council with the following charge:  monitoring the graduate education needs of the University and making recommendations to the Graduate Council; reviewing policies and procedures to ensure that current graduate education policies and procedures are equitable and fair; examining the need for new policies and procedures that will strengthen the quality of graduate education at UNA; examining market trends to identify new areas of graduate education growth; working with departments to market current programs; and providing a report at each Graduate Council meeting.  The GAC is advisory to the Graduate Council, and all action items recommended by the GAC will be reviewed and considered by the Graduate Council prior to adoption.


Committee Member  2022-2023                                     
Dr. Jana Beaver COBT Associate Dean
Dr. Wayne Bergeron Criminal Justice
Dr. Jeffrey R. Bibbee History
Dr. Joy Brown M.A.Ed. Secondary Education Traditional and Alternative
Dr. Lisa Clayton M.A.Ed. Elementary Traditional
Ms. Hillary Coats Associate Director of Graduate Operations
Dr. Jeffrey Cornelius Ed.S., all concentrations
Dr. Wes Davenport MBA, MAcc, MHA, EDBA
Ms. Akali Fulmer Associate Director of International Admissions & Recruitment
Dr. Terri Garrison Early Childhood Education
Dr. Ashton Glover Nursing Graduate Program
Dr. J Matthew Green COEHS Associate Dean
Dr. John Hodges Social Work
Dr. Rebecca Hopkins M.A.Ed. Collaborative Education
Dr. Chris James Instructional Leadership
Dr. Scott Lyons M.S. in HHP, all concentrations
Dr. George Makowski Public History
Dr. Nick Mauriello Writing
Mr. Jason McCall Chair of the Graduate Council
Dr. Michelle Nelson ACONHP Interim Associate Dean
Dr. Katie Owens-Murphy English
Dr. Amber Paulk Vice Provost & Dean of Graduate and Online Education
Dr. Quinn Pearson Counselor Education
Mr. Mitch Powell Interim Registrar
Dr. Lynne Rieff History
Dr. Craig Robertson Professional Studies
Dr. Sayeed Shohag Applied Manufacturing Engineering
Dr. Sunhui Sim GIS
Ms. Leigh Stanfield Collier Library faculty representative
Dr. May Takeuchi Family and Community Services
Dr. Ning Wang MBA, MAcc, MHA, EDBA
Dr. Jim Watkins M.S. in Sport & Recreation Management
Dr. Laura Williams DNP
Ms. Amanda Willingham Associate Director of Online Recruitment
*Dr. Ryan Zayac (GAC Chair) CASE Associate Dean
Dr. Xiaonan Zhu Mathematics