Peer Mentoring Program

Peer Mentoring Information
The mission of the ODIE peer mentoring program is to promote the academic and personal success of incoming freshmen reflecting diversity and cultural understanding. Freshmen are paired with upperclassmen and alumni/professionals that they share common interests with.
The program seeks to create a “home away from home”!
  • H.S. GPA of 2.50
  • Commitment to academic success
  • Committed to career exploration
  • Desire to promote and celebrate diversity and inclusion
  • Committed to attend all program activities
Why Should I Get Involved
  • Opportunity to: Connect with campus community
  • Learn important campus values and resources necessary to successfully navigate the college experience
    • Develop productive relationships with other students and professionals in my related field of study
    • Contribute to the UNA legacy and pride
    • Advance cultural competency
For more information email: