Civil Disturbance or Demonstrations

  • Most campus demonstrations will be peaceful, and everyone should attempt to carry on business as normally as possible. Avoid provoking or obstructing the demonstrators.
  • Should a disturbance occur, call 911. To avoid causing additional trouble, use a private office when making the call.
  • A threatening disturbance should be reported immediately to 911. The following actions should also be taken.
    • Alert all individuals in the area of the situation.
    • Lock all doors, secure all files, documents, and equipment.
    • If necessary, cease operations and evacuate.
    • If further instructions are needed, consult University Police or other responsible party.
  • The University Police Department will assess the situation. Participants who refuse to disperse may be subject to prosecution if any municipal, federal, and/or state laws have been violated.
  • If a class lecture is disrupted, call 911.

For emergencies dial (911) or (4357) on any campus phone.