Medical and First Aid

  1. If a serious injury or illness occurs on campus, immediately call 9-911. Give your name, describe the nature and severity of the medical problems and the campus location of the victim.
  2. In case of minor injury or illness, provide first aid care. Use the first aid materials located in the building. Be sure to restock first aid supply kits as materials are used.
  3. In case of serious injury or illness, Red Cross trained personnel should quickly perform the following steps:
    1. Keep victim still and comfortable. DO NOT MOVE VICTIM.
    2. Ask victim, "Are you okay?" and "What is wrong?" (Check for responsiveness.)
    3. Check breathing and give rescue breathing if necessary.
    4. Check circulation and control serious bleeding by direct pressure on the wound.
    5. Continue to assist the victim until ambulance arrives.
    6. Look for emergency medical I.D., question witnesses, and give all information to the paramedics and to the University Police Department.
  4. Every building should have a person trained in first aid and CPR. Only trained personnel (i.e. first aid, CPR) should provide first aid treatment. The following persons are trained in first aid and CPR in your building and/or area:

For emergencies dial (911) or (4357) on any campus phone.