Sexual Assault

If you’ve been the target of a sexual assault:

1. Get to a Safe Place, and call 911.

2. Avoid changing your clothing, bathing, showering, using the bathroom, brushing your teeth, drinking liquids, washing your hands or face, or combing your hair.

3. Talk to someone you can trust.

       A friend, family member, or counselor. UNA and our surrounding community have several options including UNA’s Student Counseling Services (256-765-5215) or the North Alabama Crisis Center Hotline at 256-716-1000. For more information about resources at UNA and in the community, contact the Office of Title IX at 256- 765-4223 or visit

4. Get medical attention.
     You may seek medical care at any time following an assault, but we strongly recommend that you do so within 72 hours. At One Place of the Shoals, a medical professional will examine you, provide appropriate medical treatment, and, if applicable, talk with you about the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. One Place can be reached 24/7 at 256-767-1100. (You may also seek medical care by visiting your local emergency room or urgent care facility.)

5. Consider reporting options.

     Reporting prohibited conduct to law enforcement or the University is a deeply personal choice that only you can make.
     UNA strongly encourages you to report an incident of sexual misconduct. Reporting the incident is the only way that the University and/or law enforcement can act. Reporting the incident and having a medical examination performed within 72 hours are helpful steps in preserving evidence, which can help in a criminal or university investigation;nevertheless, you may report an incident at any time.
     By reporting, you are not necessarily committing to an investigation. The Office of Title IX can give you access to resources, including safety planning, and counseling after a sexual assault.

Report to the Office of Title IX, 256-765-4223, GUC 207



For emergencies dial (911) or (4357) on any campus phone.