Violent & Criminal Behavior

  1. Everyone is asked to assist in making the campus a safe place by being alert to suspicious situations or persons and by reporting them as outlined below.
  2. If you are the victim or are involved in any on-campus violation of the law such as assault, robbery, theft, overt sexual behavior, etc., do not take any unnecessary chances!
  3. Call 911 as soon as possible, and supply them with the following information:   
    1. Nature of incident
    2. Location of incident
    3. Description of person(s) involved
    4. Description of property involved          
  4. If you witness a criminal act, or whenever you notice a person(s) acting suspiciously on campus, immediately notify the University Police Department, and give them the information outlined in number "3" above.
  5. Assist the police when they arrive by supplying them with all additional information, and ask others to do the same.
  6. Should a sniper be firing a weapon on or near campus, you should take cover immediately, using all available concealment. After the shooting stops and/or if possible, follow steps "3,4, and 5" above.

Conduct While Being Held Hostage

  1. Call 911, if possible, and supply as many details as possible including:
    1. Number of people involved
    2. Description of hostage takers
    3. Weapons displayed
    4. Threats made
    5. Any other information
  2. Do what you are told without argument
  3. Do not attempt to negotiate or argue with the hostage taker.
  4. Try to get others to remain calm and do as they are told.