International ESOL

The International ESOL Master's degree program is a two year course of study designed for candidates who wish to teach adult English language learners in the United States or to teach any level of English language learners in other countries. It includes one year of coursework at UNA and one year of applied studies coursework and an internship, which may be conducted abroad.


1.  Bachelor's degree in any field

2.  Appropriate score(s) on TOFEL or IELTS

The International ESOL degree option does not lead to P-12 certification in ESOL in Alabama.

Coursework (minimum 30 hour program) Hours
EN 641 English Linguistics 3
ED 515 Methodology and Assessment of Teaching English as a Second Language* 0-3
ED 608 Advanced Topics in ESOL 3
ED 610 Multicultural and Diversity Issues of Teaching English Language Learners 3
EN 541 History of the English Language* 0-3
EN 542 Survey of Grammar* 0-3
ED 620 Practicum in ESOL (in an adult ELL or advisor-approved P-12 setting) 3
ED 603 Trends, Issues, and Diversity in Learning 3
*If EN 541, EN 542, and ED 515 were all taken as an undergraduate (ED 415, EN 441, EN 442), an advisor-approved elective must be taken to bring the total program hours to a minimum of 30 hours.

ED 661 ESOL Applied Studies Block I (or advisor-approved elective) 3
ED 662 ESOL Internship Block I (or advisor-approved elective) 3
ED 663 ESOL Applied Studies Block II (or advisor-approved elective) 3
ED 664 ESOL Internship Block II (or advisor-approved elective) 3

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