Quality Matters Recognized Courses

College of Arts & Sciences

BI 200 Biological Literature - Dr. Lisa Blankinship

EN 212 Survey of British Literature II - Dr. Cheryl Price

HEA 623 University Advancement & Fundraising - Dr. Judy Jackson

HI 101 Survey of World Civilization to 1500 - Dr. Ulrich Groetsch 

HI 102 Survey of World Civilization since 1500 - Dr. Ulrich Groetsch

HI 201 United States History to 1877 - Dr. Sarah Franklin

HI 202 United States History since 1877 - Dr. Sarah Franklin

HI 202 United States History since 1877 - Dr. Lynne Rieff

IDS 199 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies - Ms. Erin Froman

IDS 499 Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone Project - Dr. Craig Robertson

MA 147 Elementary Statistics - Dr. Jesse Prince-Lubawy

MU 233W Music in World Cultures - Dr. Ian Loeppky

College of Business

AC 642: Strategic Decision Making - Dr. Keith Jones

CIS 125 Business Applications of Microcomputer Software – Dr. Jill Simpson

EC 252 Principles of Microeconomics - Dr. Jason Imbrogno

MBA 600 Foundations of Business, Part 1 - Dr. Jill Simpson

MBA 601 Foundations of Business, Part 2 - Dr. Jason Imbrogno

MG 100 Introduction to BusinessDr. Natasha Lindsey

MG 330 Principles of Management - Dr. Dan Hallock

MG 498 Strategic Management - Dr. Dan Hallock

QM 291 Statistical Process Control - Dr. Jason Imbrogno

College of Education & Human Sciences

ED 299 Human Growth & Development - Dr. Jessica Mitchell

EDT 603 Curriculum Integration of Technology - Dr. Barry Wiginton

HPE 420 Health and Aging - Dr. Lee Renfroe

Anderson College of Nursing and Health Professions

AHS 300R Leadership and Healthcare Delivery - Dr. Rachel Winston

NU 203 Nursing Concepts - Dr. Tabitha Blasingame

NU 238R Pathophysiology for Nurses - Dr. Will Brewer

NU 303R Evidence Based Practice in Nursing - Dr. Michelle Nelson

NU 416 Quality and Safety in Professional Nursing - Dr. Michelle Nelson

NU 418 Nursing Concepts, Theory and Issues - Dr. Michelle Nelson

NU 502 Health Policy and Social Issues - Dr. Wendy Darby

NU 508 Advanced Health Assessment - Dr. Wendy Darby

NU 509 Diversity, Ethics, Health Promotion, and Informatics in Patient-Centered Care - Dr. Michelle Nelson

NU 605R Curriculum Development in Nursing Education - Dr. Tera Kirkman

NU 606 Evaluation Methods in Collegiate Nursing ProgramsDr. Wendy Darby

NU 607 Advanced Clinical Pathophysiology – Dr. Kristy Oden

NU 608 Business Concepts for Nurses - Dr. Kristy Oden

NU 614 Advanced Nursing Pharmacology - Dr. Lynn Aquadro