Canvas Support for Students

If you cannot find a solution on this site, the quickest way to receive support or help with Canvas, Online Testing, Zoom, and technology associated with online courses is to submit a ticket using the Canvas Help System. Please go to the page/item in Canvas where you are having the problem and click Help (the question mark), then Report a Problem. You may need to follow the instructions for submitting a ticket on your mobile device: iOS Instructions or Android Instructions),  Please include a description of the problem you are having, your full name, UNA email address, an alternative e-mail address (if applicable) and a phone number. If you cannot login, there is a Help link on the login page.  

Internet Access, E-Mail, Login/Password Issues (UNAPortal and Canvas) Microsoft Office

For help with these, please visit the UNA Information Technology Services home page, contact ITS Helpdesk at, or visit the UNA Helpdesk in Collier Library .    

Taking Online Classes

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System Requirements

Basic requirements for online classes at UNA are:


How do I get started in Canvas?

You can login to Canvas by going to, following the Canvas link on the UNA website, or using the Mobile App.   If you aren't sure how to start, take a look at the Canvas Resources (Orientation Course,Guides, Video Guides, Community Forums) and common issues below.   If you need technical support, take a look at the Try This First section below or submit a help ticket in Canvas by going to the Help menu, then Report a Problem. UNA Canvas support should reply within one business day. Please note that you will receive support responses at your UNA email address, not inside Canvas. Correspondence received during university closures, holidays, and weekends may not be addressed until the next regularly scheduled business day at UNA. 

Canvas Resources
  1. Accessibility in Canvas
  2. Getting Started
  3. Student Guides
  4. Canvas Video Guides
  5. Canvas Community (Forums, Guides, Feature Requests)
  6. Canvas on Mobile Devices  The Canvas app is available in the iTunes and Google Play stores. (see Supported Browsers above)

Common Canvas Questions/Actions

  1. How do I add a Profile picture?
  2. How do I select personal pronouns in my user account as a student?
  3. Setup Notifications--how you receive messages and announcements (email, SMS text, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  4. Customize your course list to hide older courses.
  5. Subscribe to Calendar (in OutlookGoogle CalendariCal, etc.)

Canvas Stuiod: Recording and Submitting Videos?

Using Office 365 and OneDrive to with Canvas

As a UNA student, you have access to Office 365 and OneDrive. You can use both within Canvas.



The official UNA method of communication is the UNAPortal, with emphasis placed on university email. However, many classes use Canvas.

  • Determine how your instructors plan to communicate.
  • Check your email and Canvas courses daily for updates and announcements from UNA and your instructors.
  • Ensure you are getting instructor notifications and announcements by checking your notification preferences in Canvas
  • Keep track of your assignments, exams, and grades.
  • If you are having difficulty completing work, contact your instructor. Your instructor may be able to support you but needs to know about challenges you are facing as soon as possible.
  • If you do not have the required technology and access, be proactive in communicating this to your instructor and in finding solutions (see below).

Internet and Device Access

If a face-to-face class is changed to be offered in an online format, consider the following to be prepared.

  • Ensure you have access to the Internet, either Collier Library, other campus labs,in the dorms, at home, or a publicly available hotspot.
  • Ensure you have access to a computer or a mobile device. These devices will need to include:
    • Audio - At a minimum, ensure you have speakers and a microphone; however, for web conferencing, we recommend a headset or earbuds with a microphone to avoid feedback.
    • Video - Ensure you have a webcam, either built into your computer or an USB webcam.  Depending on the use, your mobile device’s camera may be sufficient.

Time Management

  • Daily Check-in: Expect to check your email and Canvas courses daily. Reading announcements and other notifications are crucial to having a successful online experience.
  • Time: Expect to spend as much time, if not more time, engaging with your class commitments.
  • Synchronous Options: Take advantage of any online office hours offered. 
  • Communicate: Take the time to promptly communicate via Canvas or email with your professors or classmates if you have questions.
    • Ask for feedback or clarification.
    • Be open to phone communications.
    • See Tips for Effective Communication.
    • Support: Before spending too much time on tasks, be sure to reach out for assistance.

Faculty Canvas support is available on the ETS website: http:/

Is Canvas working?

Check the official Canvas Status Page:

For mobile environments, the Canvas app is available in the iTunes and Google Play stores.

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