Alejandra Alvarado-Brizuela

Associate Professor, Spanish

       Alejandra Alvarado-Brizuela


Dr. Alejandra Alvarado-Brizuela, hereafter Dr. AB, was born and raised in Costa Rica. She came to UNA in 2013 after earning a Ph. D. degree from Indiana State University. Here at UNA, she actively participates in study abroad programs offered by the department of Foreign Languages and she also mentors students with their undergraduate research. Dr. AB is a dedicated academic adviser and an avid advocate for the study of foreign languages who also volunteers as an interpreter at different venues in the community.

Research Interests

  • Specialization: Language education


  •   Curriculum and Instruction/Language Education (PhD)
    Indiana State University
  •   Language, Literature, Linguistics-Linguistics/TESL (MA)
    Indiana State University
  •   TESL/TEFL (BA)
    University of Costa Rica

Selected Intellectual Contributions