Department of Kinesiology

The mission of the Department of Kinesiology at the University of North Alabama is to enhance the quality of life for the general citizenry through the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles and to facilitate mastery of knowledge and development of attitudes, behaviors, and skills reflecting expertise in the field. With this preparation, graduates will be prepared to assume leadership roles associated with development, implementation, and administration of programs in physical education, exercise science, fitness, health, recreation, and sport management. In addition, graduates will have the foundation necessary to successfully pursue advanced training, certifications, and academic degrees.


Faculty in the Department of Kinesiology possess knowledge and experiences in a wide variety of areas. Several members of the departmental faculty are active in research in conjunction with the Human Performance Laboratory. Many have professional publications and have presented at state, district, national and international conferences. Many also serve as consultants to various school systems, sport and recreational agencies, mental health associations, sports medicine clinics, health and fitness centers, hospitals, and corporate wellness centers.  

The departmental faculty are not only dedicated in helping students with their programs of study, but also in assisting them in either continuing their education at the graduate level or in securing employment related to their program of study. Students are strongly encouraged to drop by faculty offices and visit with their advisors as well as other faculty members to discuss academic, career, or other concerns that they may have.

The Department of Kinesiology also hosts a university-wide Wellness Program for current faculty and staff. Healthy UNA offers a variety of wellness initiatives, including 12-week programs, group wellness coaching, and more! More information on the Wellness Program can be found here.

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