The Center for the study of Exercise Science and Health Promotion


The purpose of the University of North Alabama Center for the Study of Exercise Science and Health Promotion is to enhance quality and quantity of scholarly endeavors and service-based initiatives in exercise science, health promotion, and related fields at the University. Research and scholarly pursuits serve not only as an avenue for creation of knowledge but in the facilitation of information guiding teaching content. From this perspective the Center holds the position that teaching and research are most effective when applied as an integrated model. The Center also seeks to create potential for service within the University and the local community whereby expertise regarding personal wellness and health-related issues may be shared thereby promoting health and well-being in the interest of pursuing optimal quality and quantity of life for the general citizenry. These foci parallel directly with the UNA mission:

“As a regional, state-assisted institution of higher education, the University of North Alabama pursues its mission of engaging in teaching, research, and service in order to provide education opportunities for students, an environment for discovery and creative accomplishment, and a variety of outreach activities meeting the professional, civic, social, cultural, and economic development needs of our region in the context of a global community.”


The Center for the Study of Exercise Science and Health Promotion encourages, promotes, and facilitates faculty as well as undergraduate and graduate student research and service-based initiatives in the areas of exercise science, health promotion and related fields. To this end the Center endeavors to create a multifaceted research community consisting of faculty, students and community agencies involved in promoting the health and well-being of the general citizenry. Specific goals of the Center are to:

  • Identify research opportunities for students majoring in exercise science or health promotion.
  • Identify research opportunities for graduate students in the Master of Science in Health and Human Performance degree that can lead to completion of a master’s thesis, academic research related to specific content in a graduate course, and/or presentations at professional conferences.
  • Promote faculty research germane to their specific academic areas of interest relative to the mission of the Center.
  • Sponsor collaborative research initiatives involving faculty, students and community agencies related to exercise science and health promotion.
  • Seek internal and external funding to support Center research and service initiatives.
  • Promote international studies and research relative to exercise science and health promotion through collaborative partnerships.

Center Activities

Individuals engaged in the Center function in a variety of roles including but not limited to; lead or co-investigators of research projects; serve on student theses committees; pursue both internal and external funding in support of ongoing scholarly activity and service-based initiatives; seek collaborative efforts in scholarship across departments and colleges at UNA as well as outside institutions both academic and private; offer consulting based on faculty expertise; host guest speakers and establish a regional conference for topics germane to exercise science and health promotion; and engage in University and community efforts aimed at improving quality of life through behavior modification and positive lifestyle practices as related to exercise science, health promotion, and related fields.

Student Engagement

Students serve in an integral role as investigators in Center initiatives. Involvement may be as lab technicians, lead or co-investigators (under supervision of UNA faculty) for ongoing research and scholarly activities; co-authors of funding requests in support of research; co-authors for peer-reviewed publications at the University, state, regional, national, and international levels; co-presenters at state, regional, national, and international conferences; and co-presenters at University or local events focusing on issues germane to personal wellness or other involvement as determined by the Center Board of Directors.

University and Community Engagement/Service

The Center endeavors to provide expertise and leadership with regard to wellness initiatives and programming within the University and the local community. Examples may include but are not limited to services focusing on personal wellness, healthy lifestyles, positive behavior modification, body composition and fitness analyses, and blood profile screenings and follow up counseling. In addition, the Center engages leaders in the local community who serve as potential partners in championing efforts to improve quality of life for University employees and the surrounding community through education and evidence-based practices associated with longevity and positive lifestyle practices.

Organizational Chart

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost (VPAA)
Dean, College of Education and Human Sciences
Chair, Department of Kinesiology
Board of Directors, Center for the Study of Exercise Science and Health Promotion
Director, Center for the Study of Exercise Science and Health Promotion

The Board of Directors for the Center consists of a minimum of three faculty members from the Department of Kinesiology, one of which will be designated as Director of the Center. Board members work with the Director to promote the mission of the Center and to assist in Center projects as needed.