Hospitality and Events Management Micro-credential

What is the Hospitality and Events Management Micro-Credential?

Enhance your career with the Hospitality and Events Management micro-credential. This flexible, affordable, and 100% online credential provides students with practical skills and knowledge to excel in an array of hospitality and event planning businesses and operations.


$350 per credit hour


Time to Complete:
2 - 3 semesters


100% Online Modal
16-week courses (fall/spring)
8-week courses (summer)


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Program Description

Upon completion of this micro-credential, learners will be able to demonstrate competence in front- and back- of the house departments of lodging establishments; foodservice establishments; and banqueting and event planning operations.

Grades earned within this program will be part of your permanent academic record and may be applied to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality and Events Management.


Required  6
HEM 202
Lodging Systems (3)
HEM 308
Food and Beverage Operations Management (3)
Choose One from Below 3
HEM 203
Sustainability in Hotel, Restaurant, and Event Operations (3)
HEM 206
Convention, Meetings & Trade Show Management I (3)
CAM 335
Event Planning & Management (3)
Total Hours 9