Social Media Branding Guidelines


Your account title should include the words “University of North Alabama,” when technically feasible. If the platform has title character limits, you should use the letters “UNA”.

  • The University of North Alabama athletic logo, trademark, mascot and name are reserved for use by the University’s Athletic Department and its entities. Do not use without expressed permission from UNA Athletics.
  • Maintain consistency with social account naming conventions across accounts whenever possible. Examples:


  • Picture
  • Displayed avatar sizes are 128x128 pixels on the account’s home page and 48x48 pixels when displayed as an individual tweet. Your uploaded images should be larger than 128x128 pixels as Twitter allows users to click on avatars to reveal the larger image.
  • Should include mention of the University of North Alabama.
  • If your unit is primarily located on the main or east campus, enter “Florence, Alabama” as your location.
  • Provide a link to your website on the domain.
  • Bio
  • Location
  • Website


  • Page Title
  • The words “University of North Alabama” or “UNA” should be included in your unit title
  • Avatars should only contain an approved variation of the University of North Alabama logo. Avatars can be created for you through University Communications & Marketing. Just ask.
  • Make sure your thumbnail images present a full view of your logo by using Facebook’s “edit thumbnail” option.
  • According to Facebook, the cover photo should be a “unique image that represents your Page”. It cannot include any information intended for Facebook’s About section, such as contact information.
  • About section should include affiliation with the University of North Alabama
  • Include means of contact outside of Facebook, such as a phone number and/or email address.
  • Provide a URL to your website in the Website field.
  • If located on campus, you should include “Florence, AL” for the City/Town entry and include an accurate zip code.
  • Profile Picture
  • Cover Photo
  • Basic Information


  • Your Channel
  • Include a mention of “University of North Alabama” in your ‘about’ section.
  • Background image can be customized and managers are encouraged to do so.
  • Comments should be monitored on a regular basis and responded to in a timely fashion.
  • Unlike other platforms, videos on YouTube can (and do) gain views well after their initial post date. Regularly monitor your videos and be aware of any escalations in views.
  • Comments
  • General