Social Media Official Use Guidelines


These guidelines set forth the University of North Alabama’s requirements for implementation and use of any social media accounts in an official capacity. The guidelines are meant to cover all members of the University of North Alabama community who seek to represent UNA through public social media accounts. Social media is defined as any "publicly accessible platform through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and/or other content”.


  1. All social media accounts meant for official University activity must be authorized by the Vice President or Dean with jurisdiction over the unit as well as the Associate Director for Digital Communications. Registration and general guidelines are available at
  2. Individuals may not portray themselves to be acting on behalf of the University or any part of the University (such as a college, department or any other unit) or present a social media account as an official University account unless they have been authorized to do so.
  3. All social media accounts are subject to review for adherence to policy at any time.
  4. Only those accounts that have been approved can use University branding, including but not limited to logos, trademarks and name and may be linked to by University websites.
  5. All content posted to social media must adhere to currently applicable UNA policy and federal & state rules, regulations and policies, and current copyright and trademark law.
  6. Revealing restricted information via social media is strictly prohibited. Examples include but are not limited to Social Security numbers, some financial information, employee or medical information, copyrighted materials, and other materials that the University has agreed shall be maintained confidentially.
  7. Social media content managers are responsible for keeping content current and accurate. As a general rule, social media platforms encourage engagement, which requires consistent, ongoing management. Accounts not providing ongoing management, content updates, and responses to community members are subject to closure. All accounts are subject to review.


  1. Account managers must register social media accounts for official recognition: