Social Media Communications Strategy Outline

Social media sites with university content are considered official communications and as such are covered by UNA policies and best practices. To maximize the effectiveness of your site it is helpful to develop a simple strategy to direct its operation. The following outline provides areas for consideration when preparing a plan for your site.

Primary objective:

What is the primary outcome you hope to achieve with your site? The more specific, the easier it will be to evaluate the success of the site.

Secondary objective(s):

What other possible objectives might be achieved, such as increasing overall awareness for the unit?

Key message(s):

What are the key points you hope to deliver consistently and why are they important?


How will you develop a following for your site and maintain engagement?

Target audience(s):

Whom do you want to follow your site, and why?

Primary motive for following:

Influences that could encourage following:



What trends have the potential to affect your audience and your messaging?

Red flags:

What aspects of your content could involve privacy or intellectual property issues?


How will you manage the site in terms of staffing and time allocation?

Progress assessment:

How will you track and evaluate your progress?