Brenna Wardell, Ph.D.

Brenna Wardell

(256) 765-5752
UNA Box 5050
Willingham Hall 108
Assistant Professor, English

 Research & Teaching Fields:

Film and Television Studies, Gender Studies, British Literature (Renaissance and Long Eighteenth Century), Drama, Ecocriticism, Creative Writing

Middlebury College B.A. 1988
University of California, Berkeley M.A. 1991
University of Oregon Ph.D. 2010


  • “The Geek as Rake: Roving Masculinity in Contemporary Film.” The Age of the Geek (Palgrave). Ed. Kathryn E. Lane, 2017.
  • “National Identity and Global Television: Remaking Australia’s Rake for American Audiences.” The London Film and Media Reader 4. 2017.
  • “The Murderer in the Garden: Something Rotten in Alfred Hitchcock’s Frenzy.” Critical Insights Film: Alfred Hitchcock (Salem Press). Ed. Douglas Cunningham, 2016.
  • “Actors Assemble!: The Intertextual Pleasures of the Joss Whedon Ensemble.” Slayage: The Journal of the Whedon Studies Association, 2016.
  • “‘Almost a Golden Glow around It’: the Filmic Nostalgia of Walt Disney’s Pollyanna (1960).” Eleanor H. Porter’s Pollyanna: A Children’s Classic at 100 (University Press of Mississippi). Eds. Roxanne Harde and Lydia Kokkola, 2014.
  • “Waste Not: Luis Buñuel Frames Space and Waste in The Phantom of Liberty.” The Cine-Files, Issue 4, Spring 2013. (special issue on mise-en-scène).

Work in Progress:

  • “The Rake’s Progress: Screening Transgressive Masculinities” (book-length project).
  • “All the Better to Know You”: Investigating the Hybrid Monster and Allegories of Self/Other in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Joss Whedon vs. Horror: Fangs, Fans and Genres—Buffy and Beyond (I.B. Tauris). Ed. Kristopher Woofer.
  • “‘Fully loaded, safety off.  This here is a recipe for unpleasantness’: Joss Whedon, John Ford, and the Dark Side of the American Mythos.” Slayage: The Journal of the Whedon Studies Association.
  • “Paint It Red (and Black and Blue…): How Director/Writer Joss Whedon and DP Jack N. Green Created the Bruised, Beautiful Look of Serenity.” Serenity: Essays on Joss Whedon’s “Big Damn Movie” (McFarland & Company). Ed. Frederick Blichert.

Courses Taught:

  • EN 396W: Writing about Film
  • EN 395: World Cinema
  • EN 394: Perspectives in European Film
  • EN 391: Film Authors
  • EN 315: History of Film (in-person and online)
  • EN 309: Film Theory and Criticism
  • EN 307: Introduction to Film Studies
  • EN 231: Literature of the World I
  • EN 232: Literature of the World II
  • EN 211: Survey of English Literature I
  • EN 212: Survey of English Literature II
  • EN 111: First-Year Composition I    
  • COM 133: Cinema Appreciation (online)