UNA English Department Plagiarism Policy:

Plagiarism as defined by the English Department includes the following: failing to use appropriate punctuation and/or citation when using the exact words of a source, mimicking a source's sentence structure without citation, paraphrasing or summarizing ideas or words from a source without citation, faking citations, presenting work created by someone else or by an AI text-generator as the student's own, helping someone else to copy or transmit work, recycling papers written for other courses, mislabeling citations either within the text or on a Works Cited and/or Reference page, or presenting a paper written by multiple student authors (group paper) as a single student author's work.

In rare cases in upper-level creative writing courses, students may incorporate the techniques of meta-fiction or postmodernism and, therefore, vary their methods of documenting sources. Yet even in those circumstances, students must be careful not to quote either directly or indirectly extensively without providing documentation customary to the genre unless the material is so familiar that it has become part of the shared knowledge of the readership.

Potential Penalties for Plagiarism/Academic Dishonesty: Reduced grade on the assignment, Failure of the assignment, Failure of the course, or Other Penalty as designated by the Instructor.

For more information about what constitutes plagiarism, please consult the following web sites:

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