Ms. Anissa Graham

Anissa Graham

UNA Box 5050
117 Willingham
Senior Lecturer, English


Research & Teaching Fields:
Composition and Literature. Popular Culture, especially film, television, comic books, and music.

Georgia Southern University B.A. 1995
Auburn University M.A.



Research, Teaching and Other Interests:

  • When the Sun Sets: Facing the Fears of Empire in Bram Stoker's Dracula

Courses Taught:

  • EN 099: Basic English
  • EN 111: First Year Composition I
  • EN 112: First Year Composition II
  • EN 121: First Year Composition Honors I
  • EN 122: First Year Composition Honors II
  • EN 211: Survey of English Literature I
  • EN 212: Survey of English Literature II
  • EN 221: American Literature Through Walt Whitman
  • EN 231: Literature of the World I
  • EN 232: Literature of the World II