Nancy Atkinson, Ph.D.

Nancy Atkinson

UNA Box 5050
110 Willingham Hall
Professor, English

Research & Teaching Fields:

Medieval and Renaissance Literature, The Bible as Literature, Anglo-Saxon and medieval saint stories, sermon literature, Gay and Lesbian literature, Women's studies.



University of Pittsburgh: Humanities Education

M.Ed. 1987
University of Pittsburgh: English M. A. 1991
University of Pittsburgh: English Ph. D.  1997


  • "John Mirk's Holy Women." Papers on Language and Literature.  Southern Illinois University, Winter 2007. 
  • “The Ever-Present Past.” In Those Winter Sunday Afternoons: Female Academics and Their Working-Class Parents. Ed. Kathleen Welsch. New York: Hamilton Books, Fall 2005.
  • "Fellowship, Damnation and Chester's The Harrowing of Hell." In New Approaches to European Theater of the Middle Ages: an Ontology.  Eds. Barbara I. Gusick and Edelgard E. Dubruck. New York: Peter Lang Group, Spring 2004.
  •  "Harrowing the Houses of the Holy: Images of Violation in Wulfstan's Homilies." In Religious and Social Responses to the Turning of the First Millenium. (co-authored with Dan Burton)ed. Michael Frassetto. Palgrave-Macmillan, Fall 2002.
  • Dr. Atkinson is currently working on a book entitled Early Medieval, Early Modern Women's Miracle Stories and Sacred Place.  It is an analysis of the texts and shrines of early medieval and early modern female figures whose movements and miracles make places sacred.  I focus on female saints from England and Wales: St. Winifred, St. Frideswide, and St. Margaret Clitherow.


Dr. Atkinson has presented papers at twenty-four national and international conferences, including The International Congress on Medieval Studies, The Medieval Academy of America, and The Shakespeare Association of America.

Courses taught:

  • EN 401: Chaucer
  • EN 620: England before 1500
  • EN 495: The Medieval Imagination
  • EN 495: The Sacred Feminine
  • EN 403: Shakespeare
  • EN 623: Advanced Shakespeare
  • EN 495: The Bible as Literature
  • EN 453/454: The English Novel
  • EN 231: World Literature I
  • EN 232: World Literature II
  • EN 211: Survey of English Literature I
  • EN 212: Survey of English Literature II
  • EN 495: Lesbian and Gay Literature
  • EN 333: Images of Women and Literature
  • EN 495: Studies in Global Literature
  • EN 495: Short Story in Context