FSL Event Officer Request

Use of Officers
Officers shall be present at any FSL chapter event with more than 20 attendees, on-campus or off-campus, where alcohol shall be served or permitted to be consumed. Additionally, an officer shall be present at all events without alcohol if there are more than 249 attendees.

Selection of Officers
Organizations that need to hire officers must complete this form 2 weeks prior to their event. The organization will not be able to select officers, rather the officers will be assigned by the UNA Police Department. In the event that an organization requests UNA officers and there are no police officers available, public service officers will be requested next. If there are not enough police officers or public safety officers available, FSL monitoring officers will be assigned, if available.

Payment of Officers
The contact information of scheduled officers will be sent directly to the individual who registered the event within 24 hours of the event. Payment must be made directly to the officers working the event in the form of a check written directly to the officers at the time of their arrival. Should payment not be made, the event will be canceled. There is a minimum four hour rate, for each officer scheduled. Payment rate is $25/hour for UNA police officers and $20/hour for UNA public safety officers and FSL event monitoring officers.  

Number of Officers
The number of officers required shall be in accordance with the numbers listed below:

Events without Alcohol
1-249 attendees: 0 officers
250-499 attendees: 2 officers
Add one officer per additional 500 attendees

Events with Alcohol
21-149 attendees: 2 officers
Add one officer per additional 100 attendees

Officers have final authority on terminating an organization’s event. If events with alcohol are held within the organization’s facility, the officer has the authority to monitor the bedrooms, upstairs, and non-party designated areas, if there is probable cause for suspicion. Only organization facility tenants should be entering and exiting bedrooms, upstairs rooms, and other meeting spaces other than the designated social area. If the organization is in violation of these guidelines, the officer has the authority to terminate the event immediately.

Cancellation of Officers
If an organization cancels an event, notification must be sent to greeklife@una.edu and the scheduled officers 96 hours prior to the event or the organization will be responsible for paying the officers.

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Thank you for your submission. Officer names will be sent to you at least 48 hours prior to the event. If you have not already, please be sure to register your event on Presence.