Geography Degree


The Department of Geography at UNA offers two majors: 1. Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree in Geography 2. Bachelor of Science degree in Geographic Information Science (GIS). The Department also offers minors in: GeographyGeographic Information Science (GIS), and GIS Programming. Students can also earn a certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Business Geographic Information Systems, Community Development and Planning Geographic Information Systems, and Enviornmental Geographic Information systems

Our courses are also applicable to general studies components in all programs, and coursework contributory to other curricula, including the programs for the preparation of K-12 teachers offered through the College of Education.

Top Reasons to Major in Geography & GIS at UNA

The major in Geography is designed to serve students interested in careers in natural resource management, environmental organizations, community development and planning agencies, municipalities, government, foreign and diplomatic service, international organizations, business, and industry as geographers and cartographers or in teaching geography or social studies in the elementary, middle, junior, or high school. This program prepares students for graduate studies within geography and education. Requirements for the Geography major are located here.

The major in Geographic Information Science (GIS) at UNA is a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) program and is designed to serve students who wish to prepare for careers in the more technical aspects of applied geography, including the fields of geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, computer cartography, GIS software development, GIS consulting, business and data analytics, security and logistics, city and/or regional planning, economic geography, environmental agencies, resource exploration, resource utilizaion and management, and land use analysis and planning. The major in Geographic Information Science also provides preparation for graduate study in geography leading to careers in applied geography or for research and teaching at the collegiate level. Requirements for the GIS major can be found here.

The Certificate in GIS is designed for professionals wishing to increase job skills and also for geography majors wanting their skills recognized through a certificate program.

For more information regarding our programs, please contact Geography Chair Dr. Michael Pretes ( or visit our undergraduate program page for specific requirements for each program.

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