Pack The Pride Tips


  • Talk to your roommate and coordinate large items such as your fridge, microwave, television, futon/couch, wall-sized entertainment center, etc. Take it from us, you'll be happy you did if you both show up with 70" flatscreens!
  • Place all items in medium-sized boxes. Small boxes are cumbersome to carry and large boxes are often too heavy to pick up! Alabama in August can wear out even the best of our volunteers so make things a little easier on them and yourselves by making your boxes manageable. 
  • Do not use trash bags to pack. They may be mistaken for trash! (Really. It could happen. Enough said.)
  • Pack everything you think you will need...then unpack half of it! Your residence hall room will hold quite a bit if organized correctly, but leave it at home if you aren't sure you'll need it. You can always grab it on your next trip home and it will make move-in so much smoother. 
  • Label each box/item with your last name and room number BEFORE you arrive! We will have volunteers ready to assist, but they often move a massive number of items throughout the day and it's helpful to have your room number visible so it won't get misplaced. A little bit of masking tape and sharpie labels will make everyone's life easier!
  • One last request from the peanut gallery. If you are lucky enough to score a diamond-and-gold encrusted version of the latest XBOX 1X before it even hits the market, or a platinum iPhone 10 that has been custom made and sent to you straight from Apple's CEO Tim Cook, or irreplaceable sheets woven from the remnants of your grandma's favorite blanket, or the Flu Game Jordan's, then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pack it in a place that you can personally remove from your car, escort to your room, and take full responsibility for. Did we mention that there will be several hundred other people coming and going into the residence halls on the same day and that they will ALL have boxes, luggage, and bins? Protect your prized belongings. 


  • If you plan on packing a u-haul or trailer to make the move easier, please don't. We have a beautiful campus full of trees and flowers and sidewalks, but it is a walking campus which doesn't leave much space for unloading zones.
  • Your move-in experience will be much less stressful and move more quickly if you bring 1-2 well-packed vehicles into the unloading zone, assist in the unloading, and immediately depart for the parking deck. Drivers MUST stay with their vehicles at all times. 
  • We will have check-in areas near the unloading zones for residents to collect their room keys. You should print your assignment email and memorize your HALL & ROOM NUMBER beforehand. There is the possibility that you could become overwhelmed with excitement upon your arrival so please bring that printed email with you just in case you do happen to forget your destination. 
  • You will also need your MANE Card to show the staff when you collect your key. Go ahead and have it ready to show the staff as soon as you arrive. If you do not have a MANE Card, you'll need to detour to their office in the Commons before coming to your residence hall. If you're not familiar with campus enough to find the Commons then you can listen for the roar of our lions and head that direction...or you can print a campus map


  • There will likely be items that you realize you need upon arrival. We have several retail chains within a ten minute drive and this will give you another opportunity to check out the Shoals! 
    • Target: 372 Cox Creek Parkway, Florence, AL 35630
    • Wal-Mart: 2701 Cloverdale Road, Florence, AL 35630
    • Bed Bath & Beyond: 356A Cox Creek Parkway, Florence, AL 35630
    • Academy Sports + Outdoors: 113 S. Cox Creek Parkway, Florence, AL 35630
  • Parents, Family, and Friends: We're SO excited that you're here...but we need you to leave and we say that with Lion Love. We certainly want you to visit again soon, but it is critical for your student to begin developing friendships, connections, and roots as soon as they arrive on campus. We have an excellent residential staff that is eager to help them acclimate to their new surroundings and fight off any bouts of homesickness that may creep in (honestly, the entire UNA campus will be jumping with joy at their arrival and ready to assist). This is an awesome opportunity for you to begin planning your next trip and we recommend that you check out this Shoals site for event and dining ideas!