HRL Important Dates

Summer 2018

May 14 Monday May Term Begins / Summer Hall Opens
May 15 Tuesday Apartment Contracts End Phase 1 (Graduating, Transferring, and Withdrawing Students must check-out by 4pm)
May 28 Monday Memorial Day (University Closed)
May 31 Thursday New Student Advising & Registration
May 31 Thursday Apartment Contracts End Phase 2 (For Non-Renewed Leases)
June 4 Monday Summer Term 1 Check-Ins (9am-4pm)
June 4-5 Monday-Tuesday Freshman SOAR 1
June 11-12 Monday-Tuesday Freshman SOAR II
June 18-19 Monday-Tuesday Freshman SOAR III
June 20 Wednesday Priority Application Deadline
June 20 Wednesday Deadline to Request a Roommate (New Students Only)
June 21  Thursday

Transfer SOAR I

June 28 Thursday

Summer Hall Term 1 Check-Out (By 6pm) 

Summer Hall Term 2 Check-Ins (9am-4pm)

July 2 Monday  Summer Term II Begins
July 4 Wednesday University Closed for 4th of July
July 9-10 Monday-Tuesday Freshman SOAR IV
July 12 Thursday Transfer SOAR II
July 16-17 Monday-Tuesday Freshman SOAR V
July 20 Friday Move-In Reservation Form Opens
July 20 Friday General Application Deadline
July 21 Saturday Late Application Period Begins
July 23-24 Monday-Tuesday Freshman SOAR V
July 30 Monday Summer Hall Closes at 6pm
July 31 Tuesday Apartment Contracts End Phase 3 (Non-Returning Summer Students / Preapproved for completion of courses for graduation)

Fall Semester 2018

**Please note that Fall Semester 2018 Dates are Not Yet Final. Please check back in June 2018 for more current information. 
July 31 Tuesday Soccer Check-Ins (1-3pm)
August 1 Wednesday Apartment Check-Ins (9am-4pm) 
August 2 Thursday Football Check-Ins (1-3pm)
August 7 Tuesday Volleyball Check-Ins (1-3pm)
August 9 Thursday Sorority Check-Ins: Current Members ONLY (1-4pm)
August 12 Sunday Dance, Band, Navigators, & ROTC Check-Ins (1-4pm) 
August 16 Thursday Sorority Recruitment Participants (Must be registered with Fraternity & Sorority Life) Check-Ins (9-11:30am)
August 16 Thursday Upperclassmen Check-Ins (1-4pm)
August 17 Friday Mattielou & Rivers Hall (Freshmen Only) Check-Ins (9am-4pm)
August 18 Saturday Olive Hall Check-Ins (9am-4pm)
August 18 Saturday  Playfair / 8pm / Amphitheater
August 19 Sunday Mandatory Floor Meetings @ 7pm
August 20 Monday After The Fire / 7:30pm / Norton Auditorium / Freshman Residential Students Are Required To Attend
August 22 Wednesday Classes Begin
August 24 Friday UNA Glow Party / 9pm-12am / GUC Performance Center
September 6 Thursday Shaun King / Civil Rights Today: The New Civil Rights Movement / 7pm / Norton Auditorium
September 11-12 Tuesday & Wednesday Health & Safety Checks
October 9-10 Tuesday & Wednesday Health & Safety Checks
October 13 Saturday  UNA Homecoming
October 17 Thursday Midterm
October 19 Friday Fall Break (University Closed)
November 6-7 Tuesday-Wednesday Health & Safety Checks
November 10 Saturday Fall Preview Day / Residential Open House / 10:00am-1:00pm
November 21-25 Wednesday-Sunday Thanksgiving Break (University Closed) / Residence Halls Remain Open
December 3-6 Monday-Thursday Christmas Closedown Floor Meetings (Mandatory)
December 6 Thursday Study Day
December 7-12 Friday-Wednesday Finals
December 14 Friday Winter Break Closedown: Check-out deadline for all non-graduating and non-returning students. (4pm) This only pertains to students that are not returning to the residence halls for Spring 2019. 
December 15 Saturday Fall Commencement
December 16 Sunday Graduating Seniors Check-Out By 12pm
December 20-January 2 Thursday-Wednesday Holiday Break (University Closed)

Spring Semester 2019

January 7 Monday New Student Check-In (8am-4:30pm)
January 7-9 Monday-Wednesday Opening Floor Meetings (Mandatory)
January 7 Monday Residence Hall Applications Open for 2018-2019 / 10am
January 9 Wednesday Classes Begin
January 21 Monday Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (University Closed)
January 20 Sunday Room Change Request Forms Accepted / 4pm
January 21 Monday RA Application Opens
January 23 Wednesday Room Change Approvals Begin
January 28 Monday RA Application Closes
January 28 Monday Consolidation Begins
February 4-8 Monday-Friday RA Individual Interviews
February 12-13 Tuesday & Wednesday Health & Safety Checks
February 15 Friday Summer Hall Application Opens
February 15 Friday Winter Break (University Closed)
February 20 Wednesday Room Changes & Consolidations Conclude
March 1 Friday Midterm
March 12-13 Tuesday & Wednesday Health & Safety Checks
March 12-15 Tuesday-Friday UNA Apartment Reclaim (Re-Sign Contract for Current Residents)
March 18-22 Monday-Friday UNA Residence Hall Reclaim & Room Selection (Current Residents Only)
March 25-31 Monday-Sunday Spring Break (University Closed) / Residence Halls Remain Open
April 9-10 Tuesday-Wednesday Health & Safety Checks
May 1 Wednesday Roommate Request System Opens (New Students Only)
May 2 Thursday Study Day
May 4-9 Friday-Wednesday Final Exams
May 10 Thursday Halls Close / 6pm (Except Graduating & Summer Hall Students)
May 12 Saturday Spring Commencement
May 13 Sunday Residence Halls Close at 12pm (Graduating & Summer Hall Students Only)