Covington is an 92-bed residence hall and is often referred to as a Cluster, along with Hawthorne, Appleby East, and Appleby West. These residence halls are set up in a suite style, with four people sharing a suite (or mini-cluster). Each suite is comprised of two single rooms and a double room with a separate private toilet area and bath/shower area. There are three mini-clusters within a cluster and 12 residents share a common area living space and kitchen. Rates are available HERE

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Cluster Single Room
Cluster Double Room

Building Features

  • 24 Hour Card Access on all main entrance doors and entry doors to each wing.
  • Video surveillance on all main entrance and emergency exit doors as well as the ground floor lobby and emergency exits.
  • Communal kitchen in each cluster. Kitchens have a full-size refrigerator and stove/oven and are shared by all members of the cluster. Residents are encouraged to provide their own mini-fridge for private use. 
  • Laundry facilities are typically located on the first, second and third floors.
  • Three suites (or mini-clusters) share a common living space, which is furnished with couches, a table, and a television. This configuration is often referred to as a wing (or cluster).
  • Covington Hall is located in close proximity to Mane Market, Create, the Student Recreation Center, and the parking structure.
  • Vending Machines located on the Ground Floor or Basement floor depending on the building.

Other Information

  • Individual thermostats are located in each suite to ensure optimum comfort for the residents residing there.
  • All residential students are required to have a meal plan. Please see UNA Dining for additional options. 

Room Features 

  • Each suite is equipped with a private bathroom which is to be maintained by the residents occupying that space. This space consists of a shower and toilet area with a sink located in the primary entrance way. Cleaning guidelines may be found HERE
  • All furniture is moveable
  • Two extra long single beds per standard double.
  • Two desks with chairs.
  • Two dressers
  • Two built in closets with full length mirrored doors
  • Two bulletin boards
  • Air Conditioning
  • Private toilet area
  • Private bath/shower area
  • Single rooms only have one of each item.
  • Wireless high speed Internet

Room Dimensions

  • Bed: 85" x 38" x 35 1/2"
  • Desk: 42" x 24" x 29 1/2"
  • Chair: 26" x 19" x 33"
  • Dresser: 30" x 24" x 29 1/2"
  • Closet: 44" x 30" x 80"
  • Window: 43" x 65 1/2"

Floor Plans