Semester Study Abroad Certificate Programs for Global Careers

Estimated Cost of Attending
  • Tuition: $8,600
  • Room and Board: $2870
Overview of the Global Study Certificate Program (GSC)
Study Abroad Certificates are offered in the:

2014-2015 International Student Tuition and Fees
One Semester (15 credit hours)
The University of North Alabama provides international students with an excellent education at an affordable cost. Below is an estimated, all-inclusive cost for fall or spring semester.



(15 credits)

All inclusive: Tuition & Fees $8,589, Housing $1,460, Meal Plan $1,413,

International Health Fee & Insurance $390




Housing - Residence Hall

Meal Plan

All newly arriving international students in the United States are strongly encouraged to live on campus.

Additional information about tuition and fees, and monthly payment options, are available at the UNA Business Office (256) 765-4442 or (256) 765-4441. The University of North Alabama reserves the right to adjust the above estimated tuition and fees without advanced notice.