Saturn neb"The Stars are for Everyone". Helen Sawyer-Hogg

Membership in the Shoals Astronomy Club is open to anyone who shares a love of the night sky. Membership benefits include

  • Member Observing

    Observing nights at least once each month.
  • Club Newsletter

    The newsletter is published once a month.
  • Meetings

    The Shoals Astronomy club meets once a month in the UNA Planetarium and Observatory.
  • Astronomical League

    Members get a discount on membership in the Astronomcial League, the national organization for amateur astronomers in the US. The Astronomical League has annual meetings as well as a newsletter and awards observing certificates to its members.
  • Membership Dues

    Dues for the Shoals Astronomy Club are $10 every six months. Members may pay for an entire year at once if so desired.