Scholars Week - Submissions Open

Submissions are now Open

The Center for Premier Awards and Scholarly Engagement is hosting Scholar Day on April 5th 2024 in the GUC. The day will be dedicated to the representation of all forms of research and creative activity. We will host exhibitions, displays, performances, poster presentations, oral presentations, and departmental symposiums. All students from the arts to the sciences are encouraged to participate. Each student interested in participating must be sponsored by a Faculty member and fill out the form below. We are excited that all students have an opportunity to express their creativity and present their research on campus at UNA.

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Please fill out all sections below. If you encounter any problems, please email us at Please do not choose Oral Presentation without receiving pre-approval from Dr. Matthew Price at Creative activities accepted include: visual arts (wall hangings, sculptures, displays, or installations) and performing arts (musical composition, musical performance, interpretive dance, or monologue/reading). Deadline for submission: March 24, 2024.

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