Second Degree/Major


To meet requirements for an additional major after completion of an initial degree, UNA graduates must complete any additional major courses and prescribed supporting courses not completed in first degree as well as any general studies courses particular to that major. Transfer students must meet the above requirements including a minimum of 12 hours of 300/400 level courses in the major. Coursework taken toward an additional major after graduation is not currently eligible for federal financial aid. Questions of eligibility regarding federal financial aid should be directed to the UNA Office of Student Financial Services,
Additional major students are not required to apply for graduation and a diploma will not be awarded; however, once the additional major has been completed and upon notification to, the major will be annotated to the transcript.


A student may earn a second bachelor’s degree by completing in residence at least 32 additional semester hours of 300/400 level coursework over and above the total hours completed for the first degree. (This requirement does not apply to degrees awarded concurrently.) All Area V general studies requirements, major core and other requirements for the major, and minor if applicable, must be satisfied. To be eligible for a second degree, the major must be different from the initial degree awarded.

A concentration/option within the first major does not qualify as a second degree. Coursework taken toward a second degree is currently eligible for federal financial aid if the student is degree seeking and enrolled in a different major.