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Spring 2018 Registration:

*Registration for Spring 2018 is closed.

Fall 2018 Preregistration: 

Graduate Students April 2 - August 2
Seniors April 2 - August 2
Juniors April 4 - August 2
Sophomores April 9 - August 2
Freshmen April 11 - August 2
Specials April 23 - August 2

Summer 2018 Preregistration:

Graduate Students November 6 - May 28
Seniors November 6 - May 28
Juniors November 8 - May 28
Sophomores November 13 - May 28
Freshman November 15 - May 28
Special Students November 20 - May 28


Drop/Add and Withdrawal

Courses may only be dropped or added during the official drop/add period at the beginning of each semester. The drop/add period is the window available for students to edit their schedules online during the first week of classes.  Courses dropped during this period are removed from a student's class schedule and are subject to a refund.  Courses that are "dropped" do not appear on a student's official academic record or transcript.

After the initial drop/add period closes, students cannot add courses online and must officially withdraw from a class by the withdrawal deadline.  Withdrawn courses remain on a class schedule and appear on a transcript with a grade of W, WP, or WF.  Withdrawn courses are NOT subject to a refund.


Course Withdrawal Instructions

(Refer to for withdrawal dates for each session)

During the W - Grade Withdrawal Period:

Students may withdraw online through their Portal Self-Service Registration account.  Under Registration - Add/Drop Courses, select "Web Withdraw" in the Action drop down for the class.  Then, click Submit.

During the WP/WF - Grade Withdrawal Period:

Students may request to withdraw from a course by sending an email to the Registrar's email, 

The instructor of the course will be notified of the request, and if approved by both and instructor and department chair,  he or she will assign a grade of WP or WF.  Once the grade has been officially recorded, the student will receive notification that the withdrawal request has been approved and processed.


Complete Withdrawal Instructions

(Refer to for withdrawal dates for each session)

To withdraw from the University, send a detailed email request from your UNA Portal Account to requesting a complete withdrawal.