Student Excellence

            NASW - Alabama Chapter Student of the Month                                     

Callie Thomas
University of North Alabama
Graduation Date: December 2017

Why have you selected a career in social work? Two years ago, I worked at a Mental Health Summer Camp and absolutely treasured working with the children. I never realized how much you could learn from children in such a short amount of time and hopefully, they were positively impacted as much as I was.

What do you judge to be your major successes or accomplishments in your fieldwork? How did you achieve these? My major accomplishment in my fieldwork was assisting a student in completing her courses in school so she could graduate and get a high school diploma. She overcame so many obstacles and I am so thankful to help her accomplish her goal!

Where do you see yourself in the social work profession in the next 5 years? In five years I hope to see myself with a Master’s Degree and working in a school setting. I would love to be able to use my tennis experience and coach tennis at a high school and also be a school social worker so I can continue to help students achieve their goals in various aspects of their life. 

Do you have any tips for those who are seeking a degree in social work based off of your experience with classes and fieldwork? Volunteer as much as you can and get a hands-on experience in as many agencies as possible. I never knew how many services were available and how many needs there were within my community. You will be amazed at the impact you can make in an agency or a client’s life!