Welcome to the Mathematics Learning Center!


The Mathematics Learning Center (MLC) is available to you as an integral part of the University Success Center. We want you to become a confident and independent learner of mathematics, so the MLC will provide you with a positive and professional learning environment to develop or reinforce any mathematics course you are taking here at UNA.

You have access to face-to-face or online tutoring sessions with Mathematics Consultants (UNA students who have done well in many of our mathematics courses), and many of our math classes have been assigned Mathematics Fellows who offer weekly supplemental instruction outside of class.

The Mathematics Learning Center is here to help you improve:

    • your understanding of mathematics principles and concepts;
    • your ability to apply math principles and concepts;
    • your mathematics study skills; and
    • your math test-taking skills.

Face-to-Face and Online (via ZOOM Video Conferencing) consultations with Mathematics Consultants are available for all sections of the following Mathematics classes at UNA:
  • Algebra/Calculus through Calculus II:  MA100, MA100E, MA112, MA113, MA115, MA121, MA122, MA125, MA126
  • Statistics:  MA105, MA110, MA147 
  • Arts:  MA111
  • Elementary Teachers:  MA251, MA252, MA253

Mathematics Fellows are assigned to specific sections of a variety of math courses each semester. Students enrolled in mathematics classes which have been assigned Math Fellows are provided one hour of supplemental instruction (SI) outside of class each week. During the SI session, the Math Fellow guides students in working course-specific problems through collaboration, group study, and interaction. 


Detailed instructions for scheduling an online tutoring session are available here.


We look forward to helping you with your math!  Please contact us soon.