Thank you for your interest in the Alabama State Department of Education’s new Temporary Special Education Certificate (TSEC) coursework offered here at the University of North Alabama. The ALSDE has developed this TSEC pathway as an option for individuals to earn a Class B teaching certificate endorsed for Collaborative Special Education 6-12. UNA has been approved to offer the five required courses to apply for this TSEC beginning this Fall 2022 semester. All approved courses are offered online and may be completed within one year, or may be spread out across up to three years. Field experiences within coursework may be completed within your employing school. All coursework must be completed at UNA. Individuals enrolling in this TSEC pathway coursework must be employed by an Alabama School District.

Process to Apply Now!
  • Apply to UNA as a Non-Degree Seeking Student
  • Follow the link above then scroll down and click on Undergraduate Admission Application
  • When prompted for Academic Program - Choose Education Special
  • Then, this question will appear - Are you interested in a Temporary Certificate in Collaborative Special Education 6-12?You must select “Yes”
    • Clicking “Yes” is important because this will assign you to the correct program in our systems and it will trigger an email to Dr. Rebecca Hopkins indicating you have applied for this program.
  • Dr. Rebecca Hopkins will then reach out to you for next steps and course registration.

Required Coursework and Sequence at UNA: All Courses Online
(Beginning Fall 2022 Semester)

*EEX 340-022 Introduction to Exceptional Learners

Fall and Spring Semester

EEX 341-022 Accommodating Student Diversity

Fall Semester Only

EEX 450-022 Special Education Law

Spring Semester Only

EEX 435-022 Behavior Intervention

Spring Semester Only

EEX 420-022 Assessment for Exceptional Learners

Summer May Semester Only

*EEX 340 is a Pre-requisite to other courses and must be taken first. Individuals may take EEX 340 in the Fall or Spring semester in order to begin the required coursework for this pathway. EEX 340 and EEX 341 may be taken together in the Fall semester.

For more information regarding the LEA’s role in the TSEC process – please contact your school administrator or LEA.

For more information regarding the Coursework or other questions about this TSEC pathway – please review the TSEC Approved Courses from the ALSDE, or contact Dr. Rebecca Hopkins, or 256-765-4856.

How much do courses cost?
  • One Course (3 credit hours) = approximately $1,050 (Undergraduate online course cost $300 per credit hour, plus $50 distance learning fee per credit hour.)
  • Five Courses Total = approximately $5,250

For more information, please check out our webpage at
Also, talk to your school district about the LEAD Initiative scholarship!