Military Transfer Credit and Transcripts

As a veteran, active-duty, or reserve status member of the US Army, Navy, or Marine Corps, depending on your basic active-duty service date/basic pay entry dates (BASD/BPED), you may be eligible to receive academic credit.  It is important for you to take advantage of these valuable tools that may add college credit to your program of study, at no cost to you! You must request that an official transcript be sent to the UNA admissions office so it can be evaluated for credit and applied to your student record. The unofficial transcript that you can print for yourself is a good guide to what you can receive, but we have to have an official transcript to give you credit.  Also, do not forget to request official transcripts from all institutions that you may have attended - remember every credit hour transferred save you $$$$.

The Army American Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS), the Sailor Marine Corps American Council on Education Registry Transcript (SMART), along with the Coast Guard Institute (CGI), have aligned to implement one collaborative transcript program. The Joint Services Transcript (JST) is a unified and standardized document that will make it easier for academic institutions to review and articulate recommended college credits, as appropriate, for professional military education, training courses and occupational experience of service members and veterans. 

The web site to access information and to request a Joint Services transcript is


Students with previous military experience in the Air Force still request an official transcript from the Community College of the Air Force.  The Community College of the Air Force has its own transcript request system available at: