Isbell Scholars

A Service Opportunity for Retired UNA Employees


University employees who are near retirement may submit a request to their immediate supervisor to be designated as an Isbell Scholar. This program allows employees an opportunity to be employed one additional year after retirement for the purpose of establishing an endowment fund to support the mission of the University.  Up to one year of additional volunteer service is permissible but it must be requested annually and approved on an annual basis by the department chair or unit head and dean or cost center head. 

Dr. Raymond Isbell first initiated the idea of contributing volunteer service after retirement in lieu of salary in 1997. In 2008, the program of funding scholarships in retirement was formalized and guidelines were developed. In 2011 the program was renamed after Dr. Isbell.

DR. RAYMOND ISBELL, a native of Colbert County and a 1953 graduate of UNA, joined the faculty as an associate professor of chemistry in 1965.  In 1973, he was named head of the department of chemistry and served in that capacity until he retired in 1997.  He then donated a year of service to his department to establish a scholarship at the University.  Many employees inspired by Dr. Isbell's generous act have since volunteered to remain in their job after retirement to establish additional educational endowments.

For more information on the Isbell Scholar Program, contact Amanda Sherrod at or 256.765.4861


 There are currently 21 Isbell Scholars

DR. LARRY ADAMS, English                                                                              2014-2015

Adams-Nordin Graduate Research Assistant Endowment


DR. ALYCE BROWN, Nursing                                                                             2011-2012

Julia G. Doss Endowed Scholarship
Alyce Doss Brown Endowed Scholarship     
Alberta Doss Gore Endowed Scholarship


DR. KERRY GATLIN, Business                                                                            2016-2018

John and Gladys Gatlin Endowed Scholarship
The Gatlin Endowment for Innovation


DR. RAYMOND ISBELL, Chemistry                                                                     1997-1998

Shirley A. Isbell Endowed Scholarship Fund for Academic Excellence
Raymond E. Isbell Scholarship Funds for Academic Excellence


DR. PAUL KITTLE, Biology                                                                                 2015-2016

Paul D. Kittle Endowed Scholarship


DR. TERESA LEONARD, Nursing                                                                         2012-2013

Earl Edwin Carter Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Teresa Carter Leonard Endowed Scholarship
Carter Morgan Wooden Memorial Endowed Scholarship


DR. LINDA LEWIS, Secondary Education                                                             2013-2014

Dr. Linda Sirten Lewis Endowed Scholarship Fund


MS. CATHY MALONE, Nursing                                                                            2014-2017

Cathy Summerford Malone Endowed Scholarship


DR. MICHAEL MOELLER, Chemistry                                                                    2013-2014

Catherine Goode Moeller Endowed Scholarship
Michael B. Moeller Endowed Scholarship
Chairman's Discretionary Endowment


DR. BARRY MORRIS, Economics                                                                         2008-2009

Gladys and Basil Morris Permanent Endowment Scholarship Fund


DR. CLARK MUELLER, Political Science                                                                2008-2009

Mary Eileen and Clark D. Mueller Endowed Scholarship Fund
Harriet and George T. Mueller Endowed Scholarship Fund


DR. THOMAS MURRAY, Chemistry                                                                       2008-2009

Sandra Cowan Murray Permanent Endowment Scholarship Fund
Robert Francis Pinkney Permanent Endowment Scholarship Fund
Eleanor P. Gaunder Phi Kappa Phi Teaching Excellence Award Fund


DR. DAVID MUSE, Mathematics                                                                      2018-2019

David Muse Mathematics Endowed Scholarship


DR. JANICE MYHAN, Elementary Education                                                          2016-2017

Janice Gargis Myhan Endowed Scholarship


DR. THOMAS OSBORNE, History                                                                         2011-2012

Jacqueline Osborne International Student Endowed Scholarship
Osborne Permanent Endowment Scholarship Fund


DR. CHARLES RICHMOND, Chemistry                                                                 1999-2000

Charles W. Richmond Endowed Scholarship


DR. GREG RISNER, Elementary Education                                                           2012-2014

Gregory Paul Risner Beginning Teacher Endowed Scholarship


DR. DONALD ROUSH, Biology                                                                        2017-2018

Dr Donald H. and Kathleen Roush Endowed Scholarship


DR. WILIAM STRONG, Geography                                                                      2013-2014

William Reese Strong Geography Education Endowment


DR. WALTER TEAFF, HPER                                                                                 2011-2013

Walter D. and Elaine Teaff Endowed Scholarship