Marine Biology Major

The marine biology major is designed for students who wish to prepare for positions in the area of marine or aquatic biology or who plan graduate study in these fields. The standard courses for the major are offered on the university campus, with the specialized courses being taken through the Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory (DISL) near Mobile, Alabama. snorkler  Students interested in this major should consult early with the chair of the department concerning courses, prerequisites, special arrangements, and costs. Requirements include a prescribed minor in chemistry and ancillary course work in computer science, mathematics, and physics. The following table lists the courses required to obtain a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree with a marine biology major.

Downloadable checksheets and 4-yr plans: 2013-2014, 2014-2016

A. General Studies Component 41-47
B. Major Requirements:
Principles of Biology (111) 4
Principles of Biology (112) 4
Biological Literature (200W) 1
Cell Biology (305) 4
Genetics (306) 4
Microbiology (307) 4
Evolution (312) 3
Marine Invertebrate Zoology (403) 4
Marine Vertebrate Zoology (408) 4
Marine Botany (429) 4
Senior Assessment Seminar (498) 1
Population Biology:
Choose one course among DISL courses Biology 411, 412, or 413 4
Prescribed Supporting Courses:
Business Applications of Microcomputer Software (CIS 125) or higher level computer science or computer information systems course 3
One of the following:Pre-calculus Algebra (MA 112) or
Pre-Calculus Trigonometry (MA 113) or
Pre-calculus Algebra & Trigonometry (MA 115) or
Calculus 1 (MA 125) or
Calculus for Business and Life Sciences I and II (MA 121, 122) or Calculus I (MA 125) 4-6
Applied Statistics I (MA 345) 3
General Physics (PH 241, 242) or Technical Physics (PH 251, 252) 8-10
TOTAL 18-25
C. Minor:
General Chemistry (CH 111, 111L, 112, 112L) 8
Electives from among Chemistry 311, 311L, 312, 312L, 321, 321 LW, 322, 322 LW, 341, 341L, 441 12-15
TOTAL 20-23
D. General Elective hours: if required to bring total to 128