Computing Excellence

The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems is seeking applicants for our new Computing Excellence Scholarship Program.

UNA is committing $2.5 million per year to assist computing majors complete their degree.

Students majoring in Computer Science, Information Technology, and Information Systems are eligible to apply.

Award Levels

Please see below the various levels of scholarship awards you may be eligible to receive.

Purple - 100% of all tuition, fees, room and board (up to $20,718 / year)

Gold  - 80% of all tuition, fees, room and board (up to $16,574 / year)

Silver  - 60% of all tuition, fees, room and board (up to $12,430 / year)

See the FAQ below for more details. 

We offer three bachelor's degrees in computing - Where do you fit?

Computer Science

  • I want to learn computer architecture and advanced programming skills.
  • I excel in mathematics and developing algorithms to solve problems.
  • I want to become a software engineer, software developer, or begin work in a scientific computing field.

Information Technology

  • I want to learn how to use, connect, and manage information technologies.
  • I enjoy working with computer hardware and software.
  • I want to become a systems administrator, application / web developer, information security analyst, or database administrator.

Information Systems

  • I want to learn how business and information technology work together.
  • I enjoy business operations and working with computers and software.
  • I want to be an entrepreneur, support technician, business systems analyst, project manager, or IT manager.


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"If you want a quality education that will not break the bank, University of North Alabama is an excellent option that can help you achieve your goals."
Mike Veigel, Software Development Manager

"My experience with the University of North Alabama's Computer Science program was a perfect combination of supportive classmates, challenging coursework, and involved professors who worked together to create an experience and curriculum that would provide us with a large knowledge base of computer science that successfully prepared us for our careers."
Hannah Hopkins, Software Engineer, NASA

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