David L. Black

Lecturer, Economics

David L. Black

Research Interests

Black has a diverse background in education, business, and politics. He has taught at both the K12 and college levels, helped develop two small businesses, been elected to public office as a County Commissioner, and previously served on the White House staff for President George H. W. Bush and as Special Assistant to the Chairman of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In 2012, Black was a candidate for the State School Board of Education and in 2018, he sought the Republican nomination for Alabama State Treasurer. He is currently the Chairman of the Colbert County Commission. Prior to getting actively involved in politics, Black worked in higher education as the Assistant Director of the Student Center and Student Activities at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. This collegiate experience later helped him in his current position at UNA, actively involved in guiding students through college and afterward. Black’s political career essential began when he joined the campaign staff for Governor Bill Clements in Lubbock, TX, in 1986. In 1988, he joined the national campaign staff for President George H. W. Bush, in Washington, DC. After serving on the Transition Team, he was asked to join his White House staff in the Office of Presidential Personnel. In 1990, he was asked to serve as the Special Assistant to the Chairman of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, working on Civil Rights legislation and developing the regulations for just-signed legislation, the Americans with Disability Act. Upon leaving the Bush Administration, he began his career as an educator, first as a substitute teacher at T.C. Williams High School, which was featured in the movie, Remember the Titans. In the evening, he would return to school and teach English to immigrants from all over the world. While serving as a substitute teacher, he taught every subject in every grade, K-12, which later helped him in developing curriculum guides for a variety of subjects. As a public school teacher at Bob Jones High School in Madison, AL, Black taught Government and Economics. He served as Department Chairman, Advance Placement Coordinator, Chairman of the Senior Sponsors, Sponsor of the US First Robotic Competition Team, member of the Building Leadership Team, member of the Budget Review Committee, and Head Coach of the Swim Team. Junior Achievement named him the Economics Teacher of the Year from 1997-1999. In 1999, Black began his collegiate teaching career by serving as an adjunct instructor at various schools, including UNA, Jefferson State Community College, Shelton State Community College, Athens State University, where he taught classes in political science and public policy, and the University of Alabama, where he developed the first online courses offered by the College of Commerce and Business Administration. In the spring of 2000, he taught both an economics course and political science course through UNA’s first dual enrollment, distance program with Athens High School. In 2001, Black was asked to serve as a full time Instructor of Economics at UNA, a position he continues today. Over the years, he has taught Principles of Macroeconomics, Principles of Microeconomics, Personal Finance, International Trade and Finance, Money and Banking, Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics (Business Calculus), US Economic History, US Government and Politics, and History of Economic Thought. At two different times, Black helped build two small businesses. In the mid-1980s, he helped develop the Yellow Rose Touring Company in Dallas, TX, which achieved annual sales of over $1 million by its second year. In the early-1990s, Black helped develop a.k.a. Frisco’s Café in Washington, DC, which achieved sales of over $500K by its second year. This passion for growing the economy through small business proved to be beneficial experience for his current role as Director of UNAs Small Business Development Center. In addition to his instructional responsibilities, Black serves as the Director of the UNA Small Business Development Center. Black and his Associate Directors have been responsible for advising hundreds of clients, including new ventures, and facilitating over $20 million in procurement contracts for small businesses each year. Each year, Black attends the following meetings or conferences: the quarterly meetings of the State SBDC Network, developing the Network’s strategic plan and accreditation review; the semi-annual meetings of the SBDC State Advisory Board meetings; the SBDCs national conference, annually; the SBDCs Legislative Conference, annually; the National Association of County Commissions Annual Conference (NACo); the quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors for the Association of County Commissions of Alabama (ACCA); the annual Legislative Conference for the ACCA; the annual Convention for the ACCA; the Southern Economic Association’s annual conference, occasionally; the Alabama Economic Outlook Conference, annually; and SOBIE, annually. In 2019, Black attended the Booker T. Washington Economic Summit and the James Buchanan Centennial Birthday Economic Conference. From 2013-2019, Black served as the President of the Shoals Symphony at UNA. When he began his tenure, the orchestra’s budget was less than $50K, with considerations of reducing the number of performances from four to three each season. After conducting a due diligence review, Black found there was not a sustainable plan for marketing, management, or finance. Along with newly-hired Conductor, Dr. Daniel Stevens, the Symphony’s budget is now over $250K and has eight performances each year. Season ticket holders increased from about 50 to now over 300. They developed a diverse season programing, including cross-over concerts, professional ballets, Cirque de la Symphonie (over 4,000 patrons, including 2,500 area school children), and a series of movie concerts, including Pirates of the Caribbean, the US Premier of Jungle Book, Ratatoullie, Home Alone, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, all sold-out shows! Each season, the Symphony hosts a free school concert for area school children. They developed the String Project, which bring string instruction to area youth. They hired a permanent Concert Master and a Director of Operations. They opened a downtown office location for the orchestra. They developed an online ticket process. They developed the Honors Concert, the premier string instructional workshop for high school students in the southeast United States. They started an endowment fund, raising over $30K. Later this year, Black will endow two chairs, one in honor of his parents and another in honor of Dr. Stevens, both for $10K each. Each year, he contributes over $3K to underwrite a concert. In 2005, Black was asked to become the Conference Chairman of SOBIE (Society of Business, Industry, and Economics). SOBIE was begun in 1999 by his colleagues, Dr. Doug Barrett and the late, Dr. Jim Couch. Its mission was to promote peer-review, academic research through its journal, JOBIE. It began with 30 participants from five schools. Now, it annually attracts almost 200 professors and students from over 25 states, becoming the premier academic conference in the nation for small and regional colleges. In 2013, while Dr. Couch was suffering with cancer, Black served as interim Editor of JOBIE, ensuring its publication would endure. For over 10 years, the conference has been held at the Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort, establishing itself as a destination conference. One of the premier features of SOBIE from its inception, is the promotion of student research, the first initiative of its kind at UNA. In 2010, Black was asked to become the Colbert County Chairman of the Republican Executive Committee. At the time, no Republican held elective office in northwest Alabama. In cooperation with his fellow-Chairmen in the five adjoining counties, he developed a plan to change the course of history, including soliciting statewide support. In 2012, Black became the first Republican ever elected in Colbert County in 138 years. In 2013, he invited former presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, to Colbert County to hold a rally, encouraging citizens to control their fate and the posterity of their country. Now, Colbert County has 15 elected Republicans. And, the other counties in northwest Alabama have now become mostly Republican. Black is known as the “Governor of northwest Alabama.” In 2002, Black joined the University’s Readmission Committee, which at the time was composed of about 20 faculty members. At the beginning of each semester, it met with almost 100 students over two days. Upon becoming Chairman, and serving in that capacity for almost 10 years, he revamped the Committee by reducing the number of faculty to eight (two from each College) and reducing the number of students coming before the Committee. Previously, many of the students who came for the Committee had received their first academic probation. Black recommended the newly-adopted policy, whereby a student in this situation was required to sit-out one semester before being readmitted, automatically without having to appear before the Committee. This new policy tremendously streamlined the process. Another proposal by Black was to track students upon readmission, which eventually led to the development of the Student Academic Success Center. This series of decisions were instrumental in developing the University’s Retention policy. In 2004, Black was asked to serve on the inaugural Distinguished Events Series, representing the College of Business. This committee grew out of the previous Town-and-Gown initiative to bring the community to campus. Over its 10-year period, thousands of citizens and students were exposed to authors, public and historic figures, musicians, and creative individuals. Some of the guests included, famed Civil Right lawyer Fred Gray, former Alabama Governor John Patterson, opinion writer Dinesh D’Souza, and an artistic exhibit by UNA alumnus Nick Nichols, former Chief Photographer for National Geographic, the last two events which filled Norton Auditorium. One of the events from this Series was the Storytelling Festival. Black worked with then-event organizer, Debbie Chaffin, to develop this event, which attracted patrons from all around the country. Later, when the University no longer provided support, Black helped the event transition to a private 501C-3 foundation, of which it still continues to operate. Another idea that Black brought to the Distinguished Events Committee was a literary festival. Eventually, he helped develop the festival through the Helen Keller Library’s Writers to Readers Series, of which Black is a financial supporter. In 2005, Black was asked to join the Board of Directors for the Sportman’s Club. Upon serving on the Membership Committee, he presented a 25-point proposal to institute changes in the Club’s focus from its moribund complacency to becoming a vital link toward the University’s move to Division One, including: developing an interactive website from its previous static site, allowing for online purchases and contribution; revamping the promotional brochure; revitalizing its Annual Kickoff event to be more inclusive of the community, whereby promoting student athlete scholarship and emphasizing the economic impact of the athletic program; and filming student athlete testimonials to demonstrate the positive effects of donations to the Club. These initiatives helped pave the way for more contributions and additional Club memberships. Each year, Black contributes over $3K to the Athletic Department. In 2013, Black was asked to join the Colbert County Tourism Board of Directors, representing the County Commission. Now serving as Chairman of the Board, Black has help develop a steady growth in tourism during the recession. In 2018, the County saw a 16% increase in lodging revenue, attracting tourists from over 60 countries. During this time, Camp Courage was developed, an event that attracts blind and deaf adolescences from around the country to spend a weekend at Ivy Green, the birthplace of Helen Keller. Another key feature of the Camp is having education majors from UNA serve as personal teachers and guides for the student, effectively having their own Annie Sullivan experience. Beginning with 10 students in 2014, it will welcome over 20 students in 2019. In 2018, Black helped President Kitts and Dr. Vince Brewton lay the foundation for what will become a renewal of the University’s Office of Government Relations. Black has visited the Alabama Legislature each year since 1994, as well as the US Congress. In August 2018, he met with administration officials at the White House and will meet with them again in October 2019. In 2017, Black served as Chairman of the Heroes for Liberty and Freedom Dinner, which raised funds to provide mortgage-free homes for wounded soldiers through the Military Warriors Support Foundation, of which he has facilitate the gifting of more than five homes. Since 2018, Black has been spearheading an initiative to raise funds statewide to erect a Gold Star Monument, to honor the families of fallen heroes, through the Hershel Woody Williams Medal of Honor Foundation. The fund raising goal is $60K. Since 2010, Black has served as Faculty Advisor for the Sigma Chi Fraternity. Since 2002, Black has served as the Faculty Advisor for the College Republicans, which has hosted candidate debates, campaign schools, policy forums, and voter registration drives. In the spring of 2020, they will host a US Senatorial Candidate debate. Each year, he coordinates summer internships in DC, as well as Montgomery. In the fall of 2019, one of his students will serve as an intern at the US Department of State, the first time a student from UNA has served there. Black has trained many campaign operatives and Congressional staffers. About 10 former students are now elected to public office. For many years, Black has personally contributed private funds for College Republicans to attend national political conferences. Black is a member of the Westmoreland Boy Scout District, serving as the Co-Chairman of the Friends of Scouting Campaign and Chairman of the Steak Social, the annual fund raising event for the program, raising over $50K. Each year, Black contributes over $1K to the Boy Scouts. Black also serves on the Board of Directors for the Tennessee Valley Youth Services Commission, which is responsible for the juvenile justice facility. Black supports both the athletic and band programs at Muscle Shoals High School, contributing over $1K each year. Black is a member of the Alabama World Affairs Council, the Southern Economic Association, the Alabama Economics Club, Board of Directors for the Tennessee Valley Museum of Art, the Board of Directors for the Association of County Commissions of Alabama, and has been named both an Alabama and Kentucky Colonel.

Courses Taught

EC391 Money and Banking Spring 2021
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Spring 2021
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Spring 2021
EC428 History of Economic Thought Fall 2020
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Fall 2020
EC499 Independent Study-Practicum Spring 2020
EC391 Money and Banking Spring 2020
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Spring 2020
EC428 History of Economic Thought Fall 2019
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Fall 2019
EC499 Independent Study-Practicum Spring 2019
EC391 Money and Banking Spring 2019
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Spring 2019
EC428 History of Economic Thought Fall 2018
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Fall 2018
EC391 Money and Banking Spring 2018
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Spring 2018
EC428 History of Economic Thought Fall 2017
EC499 Independent Study-Practicum Fall 2017
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Fall 2017
EC391 Money and Banking Spring 2017
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Spring 2017
EC428 History of Economic Thought Fall 2016
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Fall 2016
EC391 Money and Banking Summer 2016
EC391 Money and Banking Spring 2016
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Spring 2016
EC428 History of Economic Thought Fall 2015
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Fall 2015
EC428 History of Economic Thought Summer 2015
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Summer 2015
EC391 Money and Banking Spring 2015
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Spring 2015
EC428 History of Economic Thought Fall 2014
EC463 International Trade & Finance Fall 2014
EC563 International Trade & Finance Fall 2014
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Fall 2014
EC391 Money and Banking Spring 2014
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Spring 2014
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Spring 2014
EC428 History of Economic Thought Fall 2013
EC251 Principles of Macroeconomics Fall 2013


MEd Alabama A&M University, 1995
BS University of North Alabama, 1980

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