Finance, Economics, & Data Analytics

Chair's Message

Economics and Finance Chair The impact of economics and finance in your world is profound and far-reaching. From corporate mergers and restructuring to investing for retirement and even balancing your checkbook, a strong foundation in economics and finance is beneficial. All areas of business depend on one's ability to think critically, to analyze thoroughly, and to communicate effectively. The curriculum in the department of economics and finance is designed to develop these vital skills. If you are interested in furthering your education through graduate study in business administration, economics, finance, or law, you will find that our curriculum will give you a solid foundation.

You can earn a Bachelor's degree with a major in either economics or finance. Many students choose to pursue a major in both areas. Requirements for the Bachelor's degree are listed under the Majors tab on this page.

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Dr. Doug Barrett
Chair, Department of Finance, Economics, and Data Analytics
345 Keller Hall, UNA Box 5103
University of North Alabama
Florence, Alabama 35632-0001
Phone: 256.765-4418