Academic Programs

The Department of Chemistry and Industrial Hygiene offers three options for a major in chemistry, a major in industrial hygiene, and a minor in chemistry. The professional chemistry option has been certified by the American Chemical Society since 1973 and is designed especially for students who wish to prepare for industrial chemistry or for graduate study in chemistry. The general chemistry option is designed to satisfy preprofessional requirements for medicine, dentistry, medical technology, and similar programs. The major in industrial hygiene was first accredited by the Applied Science Accreditation Commission (ASAC) of ABET, Inc. in 2001 and is designed to prepare students for direct entry into positions in industry, government, and other organizations as industrial hygienists and for entry into graduate programs in environmental health and safety. The minor in chemistry is designed to provide a functional understanding of chemistry suitable for studies in other disciplines such as biology.

The Industrial Hygiene Program at the University of North Alabama is a recipient of a Training Project Grant (TPG) from the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH).  This TPG has been awarded to our institution since the year 2000 and contributes to our efforts devoted to the continuous improvement of the academic program and to the support of junior and senior students majoring in industrial hygiene.  The student support consists of academic scholarships (NIOSH Scholarships) and the funding of student academic-related intra- and extra-mural activities.

In addition to the majors and minor, the department offers a Cooperative Education and Internship Program in chemistry and industrial hygiene. The program involves the options of alternating and parallel co-ops and preprofessional practice internships. Interested students should consult the department chair for detailed information and applications.

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