PLUS Loan Instructions

Below are the instructions for completing the Parent PLUS Loan Application at

We are providing the following information to help you make informed decisions when you complete the online Parent PLUS Loan application. Please note that on this page, "you" and "your" always refer to you, the parent borrower.

Who Is Eligible to Borrow a Parent PLUS Loan?

To borrow a PLUS Loan, you must:

  • Be the biological or adoptive parent of the student. Step-parents are eligible only if their income information is reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Guardians are not eligible. (Note: If a biological parent applies and his/her information is not on the FAFSA, we will request a copy of the student’s birth certificate, a copy of your driver’s license, and a copy of your Social Security card.)
  • Be a citizen, permanent resident, or other eligible non-citizen of the United States.
  • Be creditworthy or secure a creditworthy co-signer (endorser).

Initiating the Parent PLUS Loan Application Process

  • The parent who is borrowing the loan must complete both the PLUS Application and a PLUS Master Promissory Note online at
  • You will need your FSA ID to complete the Plus Loan Application. If you do not have an FSA ID, you may use the following link to establish one or do so through the loan application: FSA ID. (Note: If both parents want to borrow a portion of the loan, each of you will need to apply for your own FSA ID and complete your own PLUS Application and PLUS Master Promissory Note.)
  • Once you have signed in to the website, you will select "Request Direct PLUS Loan" to begin the application, or "Complete MPN" to complete the Master Promissory Note.

Selecting a Loan Amount

When completing the application, you will be given the following three options to indicate how much PLUS Loan you wish to borrow:

  1. I want to borrow the maximum Direct PLUS Loan amount for which I am eligible, as determined by the school. (We do not recommend this option.)
    • By choosing "maximum," you are authorizing the University to process the maximum amount of PLUS Loan in your student's financial aid package. This means that if your loan eligibility increases anytime within the aid year, the increase will automatically be processed and become part of your PLUS Loan obligation. Award increases may occur when changes are made that affect your student's aid package. For example, if your student submits a Budget Appeal for additional money to purchase a computer, this could increase the amount of PLUS Loan in his or her aid package.
  2. I would like to specify a loan amount. (We recommend this option.)
    • By entering a specific dollar amount, your loan will be limited to the amount you enter or to the total Parent PLUS Loan amount offered, whichever is lower. Any future increases in your PLUS eligibility that exceeds your requested amount will not increase your loan obligation. If you initially choose to accept less than the full amount that is available, you can return to the online PLUS Application at a later time and increase the amount you wish to borrow, up to your maximum eligibility.
  3. I do not know the amount I want to borrow. I will contact the school.
    • Selecting this option will put a hold on your loan, and no funds will be disbursed. A loan amount must be entered on your application before you can receive any loan funds. If you select this option, you must return to the online PLUS application and indicate the amount you wish to borrow before your loan will disburse. You do not need to contact the school. If you are unsure of how much to borrow, do your best to estimate your needs.

Please Note: Credit approvals are now good for 180 days. If the credit approval has expired, increases in loan eligibility will be subject to a new credit approval.

If your credit is not immediately accepted (ex: you choose to appeal the credit decision or pursue an endorser) you will also be required to complete Loan Entrance Counseling before the loan will disburse to your student’s account.

Selecting the Correct Aid Year and Loan Period

When applying for a PLUS loan, please make sure you choose the correct loan periods:

Period Aid Year Loan Period
Summer 2023 2022-2023 May 2023 - August 2023
Fall & Spring 2023-2024 2023-2024 August 2023 - May 2024
Spring 2024 2023-2024 January 2024 - May 2024
Summer 2024* 2023-2024 May 2024 - August 2024

*not available on website until closer to the specific semester.