Satisfactory Academic Progress

To be eligible for federal student aid, a student must show academic progress toward a stated degree goal. A student's academic progress is checked at the end of each semester. Students will receive a warning notification if they are in danger of losing their financial aid. The student must meet the following standards of academic progress:

Grade Point Average (GPA)

A student must meet the University's minimum academic GPA requirement for the student's respective academic class level. The institutional GPA minimums are as follows:

Freshman (0-29 earned hours) 1.60
Sophomore (30-59 earned hours) 1.85
Junior (60-80 earned hours) 1.95
Senior (90+ earned hours) 2.00

Hours Completed/Hours Attempted Comparison

A student must pass 67 percent of all work attempted at UNA and other institutions. All hours attempted, including hours which may have been dropped or for which the applicant did not receive a passing grade, are also included in this calculation. Additionally, terms from which the applicant may have completely withdrawn are also included in this calculation. There is no academic forgiveness of course hours attempted for federal calculation purposes, even though a student may apply for and receive the benefit of the University's Repeat/Recompute or Second Chance Provision.

Maximum Time Frame

A student is allowed a maximum of 172 hours to complete first undergraduate degree requirements; an additional 45 hours is allowed to complete graduate requirements. Students are allowed a maximum of 216 hours to complete a second undergraduate degree.

For more information on this policy, you may contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at (256) 765-4278.

If your aid has been suspended you may:

Submit an online appeal

Print and deliver an appeal to our office