Service Scholarships

Students who serve as campus leaders may receive scholarships valued up to the cost of tuition.

LaGrange Society

These student leaders serve as ambassadors for the University, staff the main UNA information center, attend recruiting functions, and conduct campus tours. LaGrange captains receive one-year scholarships valued at tuition. Applications, interviews, training, and uniforms are required. For more information on the LaGrange Society, contact the Office of Admissions at 256-765-4608.

Miss UNA

The Miss UNA Pageant is a preliminary pageant for Miss Alabama. The winner receives a one-year academic scholarship to UNA. Other scholarships are also available to runners up. For more information on the Miss UNA pageant and scholarship program, contact the Office of Student Engagement at 256-765-4248.

Cheer Team

For more information on the cheer team, contact UNA Athletics at 256-765-4396.

Residence Life

A Resident Assistant scholarship is available to undergraduate or graduate students with a 2.2 GPA who have lived in the residence halls for at least one semester. Applicants must complete an application, provide references and participate in a selection process. The scholarship provides room and meals. For additional information contact the Office of Residence Life at 256-765-4235.