Work Study - Student Employment

Student Employment Fact Sheet

  1. The University of North Alabama offers many varied opportunities for qualified students to work on campus during their college careers. Up to 500 jobs are available during the fall-spring semesters. Types of jobs range from lab assistant to desk assistant in residence halls, from office work to intramurals, from library assistant to maintenance work. Students are encouraged to seek jobs related to their college majors and career plans.
  2. UNA offers two types of student employment:Federal Work Study and University Work Study. Other than the source of funding, the two programs are similar. All student employees are protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act and subject to federal and state tax laws. Note: To be considered for Federal Work Study jobs, students must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  3. The standard work study award at UNA ranges from $2000- $2500/year. However, actual earnings are based on hours worked and rate of pay. Most employees earn minimum wage at UNA, though departments may choose to offer higher rates of pay. In order to balance class work and employment, a student employee may work on campus up to but not more than 20 hrs/wk.
  4. How to apply for a work study position:
    • Create a LionJobs account at
    • Upload a resume (must be approved before applying for a position)
    • Submit resume to position of interest to you and follow up with the hiring department by email or phone.
    • If you are offered a position, you will visit the Student Employment Office located in 601 Cramer Way, Room 226 to complete payroll forms.
  5. For currently listed work study job openings, visit the Career Planning and Development web page and click LionJobs.
  6. For more information about student employment, visit the Student Employment web page.